Tired again


poptart lap stealer

Poptart the lap stealer

Just tired. Way too exhausted to write something long or answer the questions some of y’all have posted on your blogs (I mean to answer them. I like answering questions. But I’m tired). I’ve been trying to comment on everyone’s blog at the very least, but man… it’s exhausting.  I’m even too tired to come up with another word for tired/exhausted. Sorry!


Hopefully, I’ll have more energy soon and will be back in the swing of posting things in a day or two. This is just to let y’all know that I’m still around and kicking. Just not very hard. ^_^

9 thoughts on “Tired again

  1. Embeecee

    You’ll bounce back WHEN your body is ready to. I’m having some of the same issues, but it’s more to do with my diabetes than with being actually TIRED down to one’s bones (I know the feeling). And isn’t that Poptart in the pic? At least you have a snuggle buddy!! 🙂

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    1. Willow Post author

      That’s totally Poptart in the picture. He’s come a long way from when we adopted him. He’s not nearly as snappy, bitey as he used to be. Except right now, he’s outside barking at… something. ^_^

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  2. purpleslob

    Oh, Willow. I so understand!! I’ve been sleeping at least 12 hours a day all week. (17 on Sunday) Apparently, we’ve been bitten by the same tired bug!! I hope we recover soon!



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