Daily Prompt: Noise

Do you know what this prompt brings to mind, dear reader? The ever constant ringing in my ears. Also known as tinnitus.  My tinnitus started about, I dunno, four or five years ago.  I remember clearly asking Doug to turn off things in the house because I was trying to pinpoint the cause of the noise. He, of course, couldn’t hear anything.

Most of the time, I can ignore the noise. Most of the time. But sometimes it’s just too intrusive to ignore. Today is such a day. It’s in both ears and it’s freaking loud. I’ve tried many things to try and rid myself of this noise, but nothing has worked. I tried this one:

But you need to build pressure with your index finger from your middle finger for this work. My index finger is way smaller than my middle finger, it cannot sit on top of my middle finger, and from what I understand you need that “snap” to get this technique to work.

Okay, y’all, you’re not gonna believe this, but I got lost in Youtube for awhile looking at videos (because that never happens) and found this video:

so I tried it, because why not? and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work.  Like my tinnitus is gone.  Gone like it never existed. Will it stay gone?  Only time will tell. Are my sinuses draining like he said they would? Not by a long shot, but damn if my ears are not ringing. Blessed, blessed silence. It’s an amazing thing. Now, if only my chest would stop hurting. Costochondritis, it’s a thing with Fibormyalgia.

Annnnd… it’s back. The ringing. But hey, it was fun while it lasted (about 10 minutes? it takes a while to write these things and I get distracted).  Maybe I’ll try it again later, because it was nice to not have this in my ears all the time:



Mine sounds almost exactly like this without the beeping and with a bit of a high pitched whine to it.


The main culprit

Anyway, that was what came to mind with this prompt.  Because it is a constant noise in my environment. I’ve tried many things to rid myself of it (as noted above) but nothing has worked  — for very long at least.  I know what’s causing my tinnitus. It’s my chronic sinusitis. I’m allergic to my furbabies, especially my cat, Mister. But I’m not gonna get rid of them because when I adopted them I made a commitment to them to care for them until the end of their lives, not until it was inconvenient for me to do so.  I think any remedy I find that “works” will only work for a little while because until I fix the underlying problem (the sinusitis) nothing else is gonna help. Oh, I could take antibiotics, get shots, get surgery, and all that good stuff, but even the doctors admit that those are temporary solutions because as long as I have animals in the house (especially the cat), I’m gonna have difficulties with sinuses. I’m also allergic to many things that grow and pollinate, should I never step foot outside either?

Ah well, what can one do? I’m not gonna live in a bubble, so I may as well get used to the noise.

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