Sharing My World 3/15/2018 (late)

I’m totally late with this, but in my defense, I haven’t been feeling well this week. Even before we changed the stupid clocks, I was in a fatigue flare and changing the clocks over the weekend made it exponentially worse. It’s taken me this long to recover enough to form coherent sentences without copious use of spellcheck and grammar check. Seriously, it’s been bad in my brain-pan.

So anyway, here goes:

moneybagsIf a distant uncle dies and you were always his favorite and leaves you $50,000 (any currency) in his will, what would you do? This is gonna sound awful, but $50K doesn’t buy one much nowadays.  That wouldn’t even pay off my student loans. Sure, I’m grateful for any amount, but $50K would be gone before I turned around to say, “Thanks, Uncle!”  I could put it towards my student loans I guess, and get a lot of the little ones paid off. (I’ve thought of this before you see).  Or I could pay off some of the little bills Doug and I have accrued in our time together (the fence, my car, the credit card) and we might have enough left over to, like, go out to dinner or something. But either way would eat that $50K right up.  Gone before we even knew it was there. A little lighter on the debt side of the budget department, but yeah. Like I said though, I would be grateful $50K — or any amount… I just know from thought experiments like this that $50K just doesn’t cover much in this day and age. Hell, even $1M would be gone in the blink of an eye. Like if we got a million dollars, we might *might* be able to buy a house around here and have enough money to pay off my student loans, all of the bills and maybe put some money away towards retirement. It wasn’t long ago if one acquired a million dollars they could retire for life.  That day has long since passed. Though I suppose it depends on where one lives. Not every place is as expensive as it is around here.

What sound or sounds do you love?  I was just thinking this the other day because I was considering adding this mod to my Skyrim game. I kinda miss the sound of peacocks.  When I was a teenager, I worked briefly in a farm that had a poultry yard — and they had all kinds of poultry, peacocks and peahens included. I love the sound the peacocks make. I actually like the sound that all of the poultry make. Turkeys, chickens, peacocks, &c… I guess that’s why I wanted to get chickens (they’re the less intrusive of birds when it comes to pissing off the neighbors). But you know, dear reader, I’d totally get some peacocks if I could.

For anyone who’s never heard a peacock, this is what they wound like.


What’s your middle name?  Why? I took my husband’s last name as my middle name when I legally changed my name a couple of years ago. Why? Because it seemed like a good idea at the time and I love my husband but didn’t want his last name as mine, so taking his last name for my middle name was a good compromise. As for my birth name, my middle name was Marie.  It’s like, the most common middle name in the world, and was probably used because my mom couldn’t think of a middle name and just used Marie.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.  My furbabies always make me smile. Even when I’m feeling blah.

Obligatory pictures of the furbabies — from left to right — Cocoa, Brandy, and Poptart:


They were totally unsure as to what was going on…

mister stretch

Mister was having none of my picture-taking ways.

And of course, I’m always grateful for my husband who does so much for me, especially when I’m feeling so blah.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s the best thing that ever fell in my lap. And I’m glad I stumbled across him. It’s difficult to believe we’ve only been together… counting… five? years. Maybe six. I dunno, it hasn’t been that long in the general scheme of things, but it seems like we’ve known each other for way longer than that. Like my furbabies, he always makes me smile.

Via Cee’s: Share Your World

5 thoughts on “Sharing My World 3/15/2018 (late)

    1. Willow Post author

      They do make an interesting noise, very distinct. 🙂 It wasn’t until I listened to the mod page that I realized how much I kinda missed it.


  1. Donnalee

    Cute animals. yeah, the daylight messup has messed my waking time, so I used to get up like 9:20 am on the dot naturally for a long time, and now it was like 11:30 am today–really not helpful.

    $50,000.00 would be a nice fat start on paying off debt and stressful stuff, and would come in handy right this minute. It would be at least a few months’ mortgage and some debts, and that would help buy a little sanity for my ill spouse and my ill self. It would buy some time, which is helpful.

    Liked by 1 person


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