Different — not better

showerSome people shower only at night as part of their going to bed ritual. Others prefer to shower in the morning as part of their waking up ritual. And there are still others who will shower upon coming home from work to get the stress of the day off of them.  Some take a shower every single day of the week, sometimes twice a day if they’re feeling particularly dirty while others might skip a day. Still others might go two or three days between showers. And I know a few people who only shower when it rains hard enough to get the soap going, and they happen to be outside when it’s raining… with soap. There are people in this world that prefer baths over showers. And others will wash in the shower and soak in the bath.  Then there are portions of the world that still have communal bathhouses.

ivorySome people like bath gels and won’t touch anything else.  Others, like myself, won’t use anything but bar soap. It’s a personal preference. Some will use whatever’s handy, or on sale. It doesn’t matter to them. Some like perfumed toiletries, while others prefer unscented. I know a few people who would love to use perfumed toiletries but cannot because their bodies won’t allow it. Unfortunately, there are some people don’t use any kind of soap at all because “a little water will do ya.”  Yeah. There are people who have a meticulous bathing ritual they must follow every time they step into the bathroom. If they don’t follow this ritual, it will ruin their entire day. Hey, more power to them. There are others who will take five minutes for one shower and thirty minutes the next — depending on how they’re feeling.

My point is that there are over 7.5 billion people in this world, and we all do things differently. Chances are, there are many people who do things the same. But there is no way that 7.5 billion people will do anything in exactly the same way. It’s not going to happen. Even something as simple as bathing — washing the dirt from one’s skin — is going to be radically different from one person to another.

you're wrong But here’s the thing. So many people believe that their way of bathing — or doing anything really — is the best way, dare I say, the only way? That everyone else is doing it wrong! So wrong! Unless, of course, those other people are doing it their way, or similar. It’s been my experience that most people will sit in their smugness knowing that they, at least, are the cleanest clean that ever cleaned. And I’m okay with that. Let them be smug. They can swim in it until their fingers get pruney. It’s okay. It’s part of human nature to feel superior to others — sometimes. So long as people are quiet about it. It’s when people cannot help but crow about how right they are and how wrong everyone else is that gets my goat. That’s when my dander gets up, especially when it’s about something trivial or inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Like, who cares how someone else showers? Because everyone else is not wrong, they are simply doing things differently. So long as they’re not hurting anyone, leave them alone! Now shut up and go away.

I don’t give a rat’s ass how anyone showers, bathes, or does anything really. So long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. That’s the Golden Rule, right?  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?  That’s how I learned it as a Christian — back when I was a Christian. I mean if someone follows any of the big three religions, this should be their guiding rule.  I don’t follow any of the big three religions and it’s one of my guiding rules.  That and: So long as it’s not hurting anyone, do whatever you want. Which is kind of the same rule, but kind of not. Pointing out people’s foibles in front of god and everyone is hurting them. Any time you start a sentence with “I would never…” and list something someone has done, you are hurting them. Maybe you should perhaps step off of your high horse and instead of looking at what you would “never” do, take a good, long look at what you’re doing in the moment.

golden rule

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Just a thought.

4 thoughts on “Different — not better

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Am I lucky that I don’t think almost anything I do is the best way — but is the best way for ME? Everybody I know does things differently than anyone else. If I really though one way was best, I’d got bonkers surviving with the people I know 😀

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  2. Embeecee

    Don’t we all do this? Think our way is superior (sometimes vastly superior) to how someone else is handling/doing the same thing? The truly enlightened (IMHO) keep it to themselves about all that superiority…because about the time one announces they ARE superior, karma/The Universe/God whathaveyou comes along and knocks them over, reminding one that we’re all scrabbling around trying to figure things out.


    On an unrelated note (and I realize you don’t ‘do’ awards and that’s just fine)

    I am supposed to notify you that I’ve nominated you for The Mystery Blogger award. This doesn’t require any action on your part, unless you’re interested in participating. If so, you can go to my post:
    and see what I’m talking about. Thanks for providing me with such interesting reading material all the same! 🙂

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