Sharing my world 3/19/18

What is your earliest memory?  I have two early memories, but I don’t know which one is earliest so I’ll share both, they’re brief. One is of myself and my twin sitting outside in that early part of the evening when the shadows are long. The birds are singing and people have brought the kids out to play. I remember the light being yellow as it is during such time. The thing that sticks out is a boy, I don’t know who, riding his tricycle down the road, and everyone around me just… feeling good. Early evening has always been my favorite time of the day since then. Well, except I cannot go outside anymore because the yellow light gives me migraines now. Ah well.

The second memory I have is reading a card that was given to myself and my twin for either our second or our fourth birthday. I remember reading this card and it saying things like being “too late” for this and “too early” for that and “too” something for the other thing, but in the end we (twins) were “two” — It could have been two and two is four. It’s a very vague memory.  The thing that stuck out was the “too late” morphing into the “two” at the end. Plus, it’s the first thing I remember reading by myself.

give a man a fire

Because I wanted a picture here

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under? I actually don’t have a dog in that fight. I don’t care. I honestly do not give a rat’s ass which way the toilet paper goes on the holder. I’ll just put it on. If it goes under, there’s less of a chance that the cat/dog/kid will put the toilet paper on the floor. Other than that, it really doesn’t bother me.  Right now, my toilet paper is leaning on the top of the holder, that’s how much I don’t care. If I know company’s coming over, I might put it on the roll, but I might not. It’s a trivial thing to get upset about.

What makes you feel grounded? Deep breath.  Deep breath in… relax.  Deep breath out… relax more. That’s about all it takes, though it might take a few deep breaths. ^_^ If that doesn’t work. Not my circus, not my monkeys. If that doesn’t work (and this is my circus and those are my monkeys), well… walking away if possible. If that doesn’t work, sometimes you just have to let off steam to get a grip.

not my effing problem

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination So, a long time ago, I did a paper on this play called Trifles. It’s a one act play that was written in 1916 by Susan Glaspell. I’ve written a couple of papers on it since for college because I like the play and I think it’s interesting to dissect. But, you know, dear reader, I’ve never actually seen the play. And back when I was writing about it, there wasn’t the abundance of YouTube videos that we see today. I mentioned this play to someone yesterday and thought to myself, “Self,” said I, “you should look and see if someone has put of a video of this play.” Lo and behold, there were several. Some better than others. I watched two all of the way through. One was a high school play with a wobbly camera, but the acting was pretty good for a high school play and the other was much better.  Still, each were good in their own way. There’s also was a production of the short story A Jury of Her Peers (by the same author) and was also pretty good. Being able to see, rather than read, the play was nice.  I’d love to see it live one day. That would be interesting. But until then, we always have YouTube.

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