Daily Prompt: Invisible

sarahs-scribbles-waking-upSo, I have a migraine. Again. It started, as my migraines generally do, as a sinus headache, and morphed into a migraine. So, what does a migraine have to do with invisible? Well, one cannot see a migraine. It’s not like a wound or a broken bone.  If I tell someone that I have a migraine, they have only my word that I’m in pain. I mean, it’s pretty obvious by the grimace on my face that light hurts my eyes, and that sound hurts my ears, but it’s still not something I can point to on my body and say, “See? this is what a migraine looks like.”

Most of the things I have “wrong” with me…  — fibromyalgia, IBS, bipolar, &c… are invisible like this migraine.  Most cannot be seen either on the outside nor can they be seen via X-ray or any other option available to doctors. Generally doctors have to rely on me telling them my symptoms and make a diagnosis based on those. It would be a lot easier if I could point to a rash or wound and say, “this is what’s going on.” but no. It’s not that easy.

Blah.  I may write another post later. My head is pounding, even with the light from the computer dimmed. I hate migraines.

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8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Invisible

  1. Carolanne

    I’m sorry you’re having a migraine. They’re the worst. I had one last week, went to urgent care, and they gave me a shot. It took the edge off and made me really not care that I was in so much pain.

    It’s hard to judge someone else’s pain. I had someone tell me that my migraines weren’t “real migraines” because I can kind of sort of still go through the motions.

    But I understand how shitty migraines are. Feel better. Hugs from afar.


    1. Willow Post author

      I’ve had people tell me that, and I tell them to go fuck themselves. They don’t live in my head and can’t feel my pain. I have things to do and no one is gonna do them for me. So yeah, screw the people who say that our migraines aren’t “real”.

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  2. Embeecee

    Anyone who has an ‘invisible’ illness…migraines (which suck big wet red donkey balls), fibromyalgia, DIABETES (my personal bug a boo), nerve problems, muscle or bone problems…might hear the same thing “it’s not real” or “you could walk this off if you really WANTED to” phrases. I say (like you) f*ck ’em. Come be ME for an hour and then talk to me about what you don’t know. 😡 Here’s to a speedy recovery dear. 😦


    1. Willow Post author

      Thanks. I’m at the point now where if I sit really still in this very dim room with little sound, it doesn’t hurt *too* bad. But if I dare move, the pain will come flooding back, reminding me to not move.


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’ve had people yell at me because I don’t LOOK handicapped. Gotta love people like that.

    I’ve been having cluster migraines and there are days when I can barely see from the intensity of the aura. There doesn’t seem to be much they can do about it, but if you know something I don’t know, please tell me. These seem to be getting worse with each passing day.

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    1. Willow Post author

      I have a program on my computer that dims the lights for just such emergencies. Called flu.x if you ever need it. It’s not a cure, but it sure does help because sitting in a dark room doing nothing is freaking boring. At least with this I can totally still do stuff on the computer without killing my head.



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