“Award” Questions

Embeecee over at sparksfromacombustablemind  nominated me for an award. I don’t do awards. However, as she knows, I love questions. So I’m gonna answer her questions. ^_^ Because I’m a sucker that way. I’m also a rebel — answering questions without participating in the whole “award” thing. Ha! Bad to the bone, that’s me. hehehe

Anyway, without further ado, here are the questions Embeecee asked her nominees:



Maybe it’s the colors.

1.   Your favorite Season of the whole year and why.

I’m gonna have to go with Autumn/Fall — between September and December here in the USA. I love that time of year. There is just something about it. The colors, the lack of color. How the leaves change then fall off of the trees, the bareness of the trees without leaves just before winter. How it’s chilly without being cold. The rain. And the wind. Ah, yes, the wind. I think of all the elements in the world, I love the wind the most. And Autumn is where it shines. Seriously, I am Fall’s child.

2.   What’s the most mystical or magical thing you ever experienced?

So, my middle kid and I lived in North Carolina for a brief time when they were about 18.  And we lived on top of this hill out of sight of god and everyone with two other houses. Oh, and the falling down house on the other side of the fence, which added to the atmosphere but has nothing to do with this story. ^_^  Honestly, I loved living in that house on the hill. It was like living in the country but not quite because once we went down the hill, we were back in “civilization” kind of.  This house was one of the few times I lived in a place were the directions included “turn off the paved road”.  So anyway, one day we came up to the house after dark and turned off the headlights and bam! darkness everywhere. I mean other than our puny porch light there wasn’t anything to light the way up there, unless it was a full moon, and that only happens once a month, you know? Well, except the floodlights, but I didn’t always remember to turn those on…


stock photo

So anyway it was pitch black. And bam! just as suddenly we were surrounded by a swarm of fireflies. They flickered in and out of the whole area around our little house from the ground to the sky and all around us. It was pretty awesome. I mean, I’d seen fireflies before, obviously. They’re pretty hard to miss down South. And they’re always neat to look at, but I’d usually only seen them from a distance, and I had never been surrounded by them before — or since. When I first turned off the car and cut the lights, we just kind of sat there and watched them. Then the child-person suggested that we couldn’t stay in the car forever, but I was pretty cautious about going into the swarm of fireflies. I mean I didn’t think they would hurt us or anything, but I was afraid to open my mouth, that’s how many there were. But out of the car we went and into the swarm. It was like being surrounded by fairies. The fireflies (or lightning bugs as they’re called in The South) didn’t pay us any mind as we made our way to the door, but I’ll always remember how it felt just walking through the quiet summer air and watching them flit in and out around us.

I know it’s not huge in the grand scheme of mystical/magical, but it’s what came to mind. ^_^

3.   Do you enjoy a lot of company or are you happiest when in solitude?

introverts uniteI like it somewhere in the middle. I enjoy my own company, and I spend most of the day alone. I’m totally okay with being by myself for long periods of time, and I think I’d do okay if I became an accidental hermit, so long as I had access to society in some way or another — be it on the internet or just going shopping every once in a while. Because as introverted as I am, I kinda need to be with people now and again. I used to go out to the mall or Starbucks or anywhere and just sit so I could be surrounded by people.  When I was in college, I’d spend most of my time in the Student Union, alone in a chair or at a table, doing my assignments while I soaked up the energy of the people around me. If a friend or colleague stopped by to chat, I was always more than happy to sit and chat with them. Hell, I sometimes had groups of people sitting and chatting with me, and I was okay with that too — for a while. ^_^

I don’t need to interact with people. I don’t even have to watch them. I just need to be around them, kind of see and hear them, and know I’m not alone in the world. It’ll fill my battery up and I can go about my day. For the most part though, whenever I ventured into the world, whether it was the Student Union, or Starbucks, or even to the shopping mall, it was me and my computer (or a book, or whatever). Not completely in solitude because I was surrounded by people, but not exactly in company either. If that makes much sense.

4.   Would you do something dishonest if there were no witnesses? 

Yep. In a heartbeat.  But, let me explain. As Embeecee points out in her post The “Moral” of Things sometimes people do things that are considered morally ambiguous when survival is on the line. She brings up the D&D alignment table — Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil — which I’ll give you here:


From here

I’ve always considered myself somewhere between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral. While I’m not: I’m on no one’s side because no one is on my side. (True Neutral) I also not quite the kind of person who will stab someone in the neck just because (Chaotic Neutral).  I fall closer to Chaotic Neutral though. I’m not lawful anything. Because laws are made by people, and people are fallible.  And, not all laws are good laws. Some of them are downright stupid. Okay, okay, some laws are good, and society would be chaotic without laws in place. I admit that freely. I mean there are people in this world that need a lawful structure in place to keep them from doing evil. As someone once said “Locks are there to keep honest people honest.” Because if someone really wants to break into my house, no lock in the world will stop them. Locks will only slow thieves down.  I tend to not break into other people’s houses and steal their things because there’s no reason for me to do so, and I prefer it if other people didn’t break into my house and steal my things. See? The Golden Rule applies here. I don’t need a law to tell me not to steal. However, I know that there are people in this world who keep their hands to themselves only because the looming threat of jail makes them afraid. But I still say that not all laws are good laws. I try to walk on the sunny side of legal because I don’t want to go to jail, but I’ve done some things that might be considered “shady” when it comes to legal or “honest”.


I’m Chaotic neutral… from here 

And, here’s the thing, what’s illegal isn’t necessarily immoral and vice versa.  For example, living together before marriage is considered immoral by several religions — yes, yes it still is — but it’s not considered illegal in any state here in the USA (anymore… that I know of).  Lying is considered immoral and dishonest by most people because they don’t like being lied to, but in many cases, it’s not considered illegal. Unless one does it on the witness stand under oath, then it is perjury and therefore illegal. Laws are created by man because of things that happen in society. Up until… what? twenty years ago, we could ride around in our cars without wearing a seat belt here in the United States, but now it’s illegal to do so. Because someone made a law. I mean about a hundred years ago, we didn’t need such laws because cars were not as ubiquitous as they are now.  Another example, in Virginia Beach, VA, you (yes, you, dear reader!) can be fined for swearing on the boardwalk because they made it illegal to do so in that area of the city. Is it immoral to swear? It depends on who you talk to I suppose. It’s impolite to swear, but I wouldn’t say it’s immoral. Would I swear on the boardwalk of Virginia Beach? Yep. Because it’s a stupid law.  And if I’m caught, I’ll pay the fine, because I knowingly and willingly broke that stupid law.

5.   What is one destination you’d like to visit before you die?

free travelI’m okay with the places I’ve been. 🙂  While it would be nice to take a trip around the world and see Scotland, England, Turkey, Egypt, and, you know, visit a lot of the ancient places before they are no more, it’s not something I have a burning desire to do before I die. I’ve traveled a lot for someone who grew up and stayed desperately poor. I’ve seen more of the United States than most people ever will. I guess that’s why I defend it so much, because many people base their opinions on one area of these great states of ours, and you simply cannot do that. The United States is a vast country and its peoples are diverse. What’s true for one area of the country is completely not true for another. I mean, just look at the question about lawbreaking above, what’s legal in one state might not be legal in the next state over. There are people who absolutely hate the people in the the surrounding states (I’m looking at you, Oregon) and if they were separate countries would probably build a wall to keep them out.  And I’ve lived in so many areas of this country. I’m pretty proud of the people here.  We are millions strong, and we are totally greater than the sum of our parts.

5 thoughts on ““Award” Questions

  1. Embeecee

    Thanks so much for ‘playing!” I read a comment on one of the blogs I nominated where a comment was made about how these award thingies are merely “an on-line form of a chain letter.” Might be true. I don’t see it that way though, and I don’t force anyone to play along. I did nominate a startling number of non-award blogs though…breaking a ‘rule’ thereby. So perhaps I still do walk a thin line with my attempt to live at least a chaotic good lifestyle. I LOVED the charts btw…*clappy hands* Explained for the non D&Der what that concept was much better than words ever could. A picture is worth a thousand or something, isn’t it? 😉 Thanks Willow for answering my ‘silly’ questions! You deserve a star!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Willow Post author

      I’ve only played D&D once, but I play video games that are based on role playing games, so I get the concept. And I watch people play these games too. It’s always weird to me the people who play these games who will walk into any home in a game and just take whatever’s not nailed down. I’m like, “Dude, do you do that in real life?” Damn. I don’t steal anything from anyone even if it’s not marked as stealing. Though in video games, as in real life, I don’t always play by the rules. I have my own moral code. ^_^


  2. Peg Stueber-Temp and Tea

    I’ve seen the D&D alignment with movie/TV characters before…but the bread one had me LOL’ing.

    I remember taking one of them quizzes once, and turned out a rather solid true neutral, but in breadworld I go between lawful neutral and neutral evil.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Willow Post author

      In the bread one I’m actually both Lawful good and Chaotic Neutral. However, I only use a breadbox to keep the mice and other critters from eating the bread. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother, so I guess I’m still Chaotic Neutral. Douglas is Lawful Neutral. He uses the bread tie thingy every time. Drives me bananas.


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    Morality is not so different than legal. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right and because it isn’t legal doesn’t make it wrong. Laws change and more importantly, interpretations of the law change and very often. Morality changes and interpreting what is or isn’t moral changes. I’m basically lawful as long as I essentially agree with the law. But I could be entirely unlawful if I disagree with the law. I think — like most of us — I have my own morality and my own understanding of right and wrong. Which may or may not agree with the current rights and wrongs of laws and politics.

    I remember when smoking dope was just a little to the left of selling heroin. And now, it’s legal in a lot of places and probably will be legal most places pretty soon. So when I used it and it was illegal, what exactly was the difference? By MY lights, no difference at all. Legally, HUGE difference.

    Liked by 1 person


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