Daily Prompt: Warning

So these guys have become regular visitors to my yard now, but I still like watching them.  It’s always been kind of a dream of mine to have a poultry yard, for eggs and maybe meat — not for profit but to have eggs and meat and to have birds about. Because I like birds. And I like eggs, and I like eating chicken and turkey. And yes, I know that there are some people who can’t wrap their minds around the concept of both liking the animal and enjoying the taste of the animal, but what can I say? I can’t explain it to you if you’re one of them. So anyway these guys have become regular visitors to our yard and they just waddle around, digging up bugs (and maybe mice and voles) and generally doing this whenever I watch them:

tom turkeys

Back off, human!

That there is a warning for me to back off. hahaha. I took this from the comfort of my desk because they’ll waddle off if I go outside, but I think it’s funny that they just get all puffy whenever they see me from the window. Well they get all puffy whenever the wind blows funny. I know that they’re also full feather because it’s mating season — I never thought I’d see the day when I’d look up and see turkeys mating in my driveway, but well… that day came and went the other day. Ha! Life is strange sometimes.  These guys have been around so much that the dogs have started to ignore them — for the most part. Poptart went out this morning to give them his own warning:

poptart and turkeys

Get off my lawn!

Don’t worry, dear reader, that fence is seven feet tall. Those turkeys would really have to want to get at little Poptart. They’re content to fluff their feathers at him. And he can run fast. He was a stray before we got him. He’s a scrappy little guy. But we still have the fence, because he is a *little* guy and those turkeys (not to mention a lot of other critters in the area) could do him harm, and he’s too scrappy for his own good.

So anyway, that’s what popped into mind when I saw this prompt. Probably because I was watching the turkeys wander about on my lawn. I really don’t mind them at all. I think that they’re my neighbor’s but I honestly don’t know. They might be wild at this point as much as they wander around. There are two toms and three jennies. They come to my property every morning and most afternoons. Like I said, they’re good for eating insects and small animals so I honestly don’t mind. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to get poultry in the first place — pest control. and to help keep the vegetation under control.  One last warning before I go.

tom turkey

Whatchyou looking at?

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