ASo I totally forgot that I signed up for the A-Z letter challenge, even as I was trying to prepare for it the other day. I was gonna have a theme I guess, but never could think of one. So I suppose my theme will kind of random… whatever comes to mind. Ha! So, today’s word is absentminded because I totally forgot that today is the first of April — okay I didn’t forget that, but I forgot that aside from being Easter, and April Fool’s I was supposed to start this A-Z writing challenge today.


I read Embecee’s reminder to herself that she was doing this and that reminded me I signed up for the same. hahaha! Thanks for the memory poke Embeecee!

steel trap

I need this mug

My memory has always been kinda wonky, but it’s gotten moreso with the passing of time. Could be because I’m getting older. Could be because of the fibromyalgia. It might also be a side effect of the medications I take for my bipolar. I mean, they don’t call it Dopamax for nothing. You know what I mean? And ever since my thyroid went, well, let’s just say that things like memory and word recall haven’t been my strong suit. It’s one of the reasons why I have a blog. It’s kind of a way for me to keep track of things that happen to me. I can always look back and say, “Yeah, I wrote about this then, so this other thing happened at that time.”

Memory is a funny thing, dear reader. My kids and I used to keep track of time by what state/city/house we lived in. Like, “We lived in Florida in the [name of] apartments when that happened, so that was about… five years ago?”  That’s when you know you move a lot. ^_^ I think I’ve lived in this house longer than I’ve lived anywhere. It makes events run together. Now I’m like, “That was three years ago? Are you sure?” I have no measure of time because I’m used to measuring time by where I’ve lived. And for the past three years, I’ve lived here. How weird is that?

But that doesn’t explain why I forgot about signing up for this A-Z challenge. Pure absentmindedness I guess. I blame this fatigue flare I’ve been having the past month or so. I keep trying to figure out *why* I’m so tired so I can stop being tired, but to be honest, dear reader, I already know. Too many things going on inside the old body. Most of which y’all have heard me bitch about before — fibromyalgia, thyroid, lungs not working, chronic sinus infection, &c… I’m just worn out. My body is tired of fighting all of this crap and wants to sleep.  Sometimes I think if I could just sleep for a week, I’d be okay.  Of course I know that’s not true, but it feels like it might be. Ha!

body temple

For anyone who might be new here — brought by said challenge — the aforementioned maladies make my cognitive functions kinda wonky. Even though I proofread my posts, I miss a lot. So there will be grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes, synonym mistakes and whatnot. I ask you, dear reader, to ignore them. My brain is dealing with quite a bit, and it misses the minutia.



6 thoughts on “Absentminded

  1. Vanessence

    Theme schmeme! Write what works for you. 😀

    Sorry about your ailments. 😦 I do know tired and achy, and you have my total sympathy.

    Glad you decided to join the Challenge!



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