F So I’m having difficulties with this letter, because there are so many /f/ words that I want to write about… family, friends, fun, furbabies, fibromyalgia, and all of the fun things that come with that like fatigue and fibro fog. All kinds of /f/’s going on up in here. Ha!

But the fact of the matter is, I’m kind of tired right now and my brain isn’t really firing on all cylinders. I’ve written a few half posts and they all came out sounding like gobbledygook — a bunch of half formed ideas that lead into Nowheresville.

watching gamesMy family right now consists of my husband and my furbabies (all of whom will get their own posts) my friends are all long distance and we keep in touch via the Facespace. I would talk about my Fibromyalgia, but damn, don’t I talk about that enough already? It’s why I’m fatigued right now. So that kind of leaves fun… and my idea of fun isn’t always the same as other people’s. I mean, right now, I watch other people play video games on YouTube and that’s enjoyable to me. I think it’s entertaining.  I have a few people that I follow on YouTube and I watch pretty much whatever they play — with a few exceptions. Then there are others that I’ve only watched one or two games they’ve played and not much of anything else.

I figure it’s not much different than watching television. At least with watching video games, I can see how other people play them and get some oh-so-helpful-hints as to where the good stuff is hiding. Like with Prey, there’s a lot of hidden stuff around the station that I would have never found if I hadn’t seen other people stumble across them. And I have a crap memory, so I have to kind of remember where they were when they found it.  And I don’t really give a damn about spoilers. It doesn’t matter one bit to me if I know how something ends or which way a game or movie goes. I try not to spoil things for other people, but since I’m totally nonchalant about them, I honestly don’t even know what a spoiler is in most cases.  So yeah, watching other people play a game is fun for me because it doesn’t mess with my ability to play the game myself. Other than leading me to sweet sweet loot. ^_^

And, as you can guess, I like to play video games too. Games like the aforementioned Prey and other role-playing games like Skyrim and Fallout 4.  I know, I know, Skyrim is, like, 6 years old! That’s ancient in video game years. But I didn’t start playing it until about three years ago, and I still like it. Bite me.

Blah, I got interrupted writing this and lost my train of thought. Mostly though, I think that life should be more fun than not. And my main motto basically applies here. So long as I’m not hurting anyone, then whatever I do shouldn’t concern anyone else. And so long as whatever you do, dear reader, isn’t hurting anyone, then I don’t really care what it is you do in your own time. You could count matches, collect pens, or stand on your head for fun for all I care. So long as you’re not bringing anyone any harm. Have fun. Because life really is too short not to.

Just for fun, the “Honest” trailer for Prey… it’s actually pretty accurate.


3 thoughts on “Fun

  1. Vanessence

    My family enjoys watching “play with me” videos sometimes. I have two gamer-kids, so those play throughs really give us a good idea of a potential purchase, as well as tips and tricks on playing. They can be really entertaining!

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