Sharing my world 4/9/18

talos one

Talos I space station from the wiki

Been anywhere recently for the first time? Nah, I’m agoraphobic. I hardly ever leave my house anymore.  I mean, I went to H&R Block this past week to sign tax papers, but that’s hardly for the first time. The most places I’ve been to are virtually, and even most of those I’ve visited a few times before — recently. As anyone who’s been reading me for any length of time knows, I’ve been playing a new-to-me game called Prey (2017), which takes place on a space station called Talos I.  Yesterday, I got to thinking… I wonder if I would have the nerve to go up to space if the opportunity were offered to me?  I mean, if one ignores the horrible space monsters trying to kill everyone and the dead bodies everywhere, Talos 1 is a pretty posh place. And it seems like *most* of the people who worked there were fairly ordinary human beings just doing their jobs. You’d have to also ignore the experiments being done to the human “volunteers” (read: Russian death row inmates) but that’s another thing altogether.  Anyway it did get me thinking.  I dunno really. I’m afraid of flying for goodness’ sake! And if one is up in space and something happens… well, that’s all she wrote, isn’t it?  Still, it would be awesome to be up in space, wouldn’t it?

List three favorite book characters. Although I was introduced to these characters through their movies, I have, indeed, read their stories.

zoo yak

From here

First one would be, Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She is not as pure in the novella as she is in the movies. In the written story, she is a kind of a hooker with a heart of gold. And in the book there is no romance between her and the narrator of the book. It’s simply a friendship. I liked the book better. But I still liked Holly Golightly and I take my main motto for life from her “…because why not?” though her’s (in the movie) was slightly different… “I’d never been to X before” or something like that. The gif is one of my favorite lines from the movie though.

Second is Mame Dennis from the Auntie Mame books and the movie Auntie Mame (not the god awful musical Mame! that sucked rocks).  Now, Mame Dennis, unlike Holly Golightly had money so that allowed her to be eccentric more than most people. I think I’d be more “eccentric” rather than “nutso” if I had money in my pocket. Ha! But I honestly enjoyed Mame and her shenanigans.

Then there was the titular character of the book Go Ask Alice which I read as a teenager back in the 1970’s While she isn’t my favorite character, the book did have a lasting impact on me, and not for the reasons you might think, dear reader. It would take a whole nother blog post to explain how that book affected my teenage mind. ^_^ But the titular character was someone I connected with for a long time, even though I never did drugs.

What is your favorite non alcoholic drink: hot or cold?  Coffee. Yep.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. Yesterday I looked up and saw all of the dogs looking at the TV screen where the security feed is displayed. I looked myself but couldn’t see what they were looking at. I looked outside but couldn’t see what they were looking at. All of the windows were closed so I dunno if they were listening for something, but something caught their eye.  Maybe it was the storm outside.  The day before, it was sunny and warm. Yesterday it stormed. Today is sunny and warm. The weather, it seems doesn’t want to make up its mind.

dogs and camera

Never did figure out what they were looking at.

Via Cee’s Share Your World

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