IInflammation is the bane of my existence it seems. Many of my maladies are caused by some type of inflammation — from arthritis to heartburn to fibromyalgia and all that comes with that nifty little number. And trust me, dear reader, I have tried everything I can think of to eradicate it from my body. Way back in the mid-1990’s I read this book, The Fire Inside about acid reflux (GERD) because my heartburn was so out of control it was keeping me up at night, and it talked about acid reflux being a product of inflammation. Something I hadn’t really thought of before.  Now, it’s been a long time since I’ve read that book so I don’t remember the details, but it did change the way I thought about food and what I put in my mouth.  It’s when I stopped eating tomatoes (for the most part) because tomatoes are acidic and cause inflammation in certain people (like me) who are sensitive to them. I did an elimination diet omitting — quite a few things actually (as outlined here) — and my heartburn went away like a dream. Added tomatoes back and BAM! heartburn galore. Blah blah blah. I know how to do an elimination diet. I’m just too tired to fully detail it here.

scare childrenHonestly, dear reader, I can eat tomatoes and live to tell the tale. I’m not allergic to them, I’m intolerant of them.(There’s a difference) I even like tomatoes. I enjoy the taste of tomatoes and tomato sauce. I love them right off the vine, and I can eat cherry tomatoes by the basket. Don’t even get me started on how much I love potatoes. And onions? Man I miss eating onions. I used to have onions every single day of the week. But if and when I do eat them, my body rebels and reminds me — via all kinds of inflammation — that while my mind and taste buds enjoy the taste of tomatoes (and potatoes, and *sigh* onions) there’s something inside of me that does not like them.  Does not like them at all. Because it will punish me for eating said foods with all kinds of heartburn, acid reflux, stomach aches, and joint pain. I had potatoes (okay they were french fried… but still, potatoes) yesterday and the day before and man o man am I paying the price now. —  At the moment I’m typing this, my right hand is throbbing due to arthritis, my chest hurts from both costochondritis and heartburn, and there’s an ache in my innards from the IBS (also caused by inflammation). My right shoulder also hurts for who knows why. It just does that every once in a while. And that’s shooting nice little pain signals all the way down my right arm. Blah. I think that’s from an old “war wound” from back when I torn something in my right shoulder a few years back. Now it just feels like aching now and again, just because.  It’s been doing that for three or four days now.

Of course, instead of the french fries — and it wasn’t even that many, like, ten french fries —  I could always blame the weather. I mean. I’ve gotta blame something, right? My body can’t be hurting like this for no reason, right?  And the weather is as good a reason as any… I mean, it’s been switching from sunny to rain and back for five days now! It’s stormy again today. I can’t deal with these swift and sudden changes all the time. Pick a weather pattern and stick to it for a few days. grrr.


Anyway. Inflammation. It’s what’s wrong with me when one boils it down to the root of the problem. Not for the thyroid issue or the bipolar. Those are not caused by inflammation (so far as I know). But arthritis, IBS, GERD, fibromyalgia, and some of the others? They all have inflammation in there somewhere. Doctors don’t know what triggers many of these things — but they have a lot of ideas. Ideas that change from year to year and decade to decade… And let me tell you something, dear reader, I’ve had many of these issues for decades. I may not have been formally diagnosed with them for as long, but that doesn’t make the pain any less real. These maladies don’t care what a doctor calls the pain. It’s there regardless of what a doctor says, and I’ve seen a lot of doctors, chiropractors, health “professionals”, and whatnot over the years… and they have seen me.  My body, it seems, just wants to bitch about being alive sometimes. And I’ve come to the conclusion it does so by setting things on fire (causing inflammation). That’s my going theory, because I’ve done everything I can to decrease the causes of inflammation for this stupid body, and it just keeps on complaining. Ha!

Something inside me just wants to watch the world burn I suppose. Maybe I should call an exorcist.

Stupid body. >_<

body temple


10 thoughts on “Inflammation

  1. I did not know that potatoes caused inflammation in some folks. I mean, I GET the ‘deep fried’ or even fried addition that makes them into (sometimes) greasy and unpalatable chunks of fat, but mashed potatoes? Baked potatoes? Oh say it ain’t so! I just bought a couple packages of instant mashed potatoes (I’m lazy, I’ve owned that) with bacon bits in it…and was looking forward to an evening some time soon of potato-y comfort food… My sympathies on your pain, ‘cos I FEEL it (in a more moderate degree than you obviously). And I hope ‘they’ come up with a solution to why some of us burn..


    • Only in people who are sensitive to them. For most people, they’re fine and healthy foods. Like, one of the best foods out there for their nutrition punch. I used to buy instant mashed too. I love that stuff.


  2. You have NO idea how much I miss tomatoes. Half the things I know how to cook use tomatoes and white sauce only gets you so far. I can eat a very small amount of tomatoes, fresh OR cooked. VERY little and only once in a while. Thank GOD I can still drink coffee!


    • You probably miss tomatoes as much as I miss onions. ^_^ Onions are in pretty much everything. And food can get pretty bland without them. And garlic… man, I miss garlic.


  3. Why is it that the things we need to avoid are NEVER the things we don’t like anyway?
    Onions, tomatoes,… COFFEE
    I’d probably be able to conquer the world if I’d give up coffee – but I’m pretty sure it’s never gonna happen.

    Happy A-Z’ing.

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  4. OK, you threw the gauntlet down by saying you tried everything. One big help I have for my RA is magnets. My doctor laughs at me but they reduce swelling very nicely. Not always and you need a special type of magnet but they’re in my daily toolkit. Much better than aspirin that’s for sure.


    • Yep, I have heard of those magnets, and I tried them. Wore them for about a month or so (if I remember correctly, but I try everything for at least a month before I call it quits). I’ve even tried wearing copper too, which is supposed to help. I have a peculiar reaction to metal, so it makes trying these things… interesting to say the least. But I did give a whirl.


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