JThere are a lot of things in this life that bring me joy.. joy as in: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. My husband brings me joy. My pets bring me joy. My children, when they lived with me, brought me joy. And you know what, I’m good with that. I’m not a complicated person. I don’t need to search the world far and wide to find feelings of pleasure and happiness. There’s all kinds of nice things all around me that I can immerse myself in and just allow myself to be happy for however long the feeling lasts. Because joy, like any other feeling, is ephemeral.  Trying to hold on to that feeling is an exercise in frustration. It’s meant to be fleeting so that when it does come, it’s all the more… pleasurable. That’s how I see it anyway.

Today is a short post. I had a bunch to do today and I’m tired. Very tired. I have a sinus headache, and my back hurts among other things… My pains don’t bring me much joy, but damn don’t I feel happy when they’re gone. ^_^

grassy field

Walking through virtual fields brings me joy too. 

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