SAlmost exactly three years ago, I started playing Skyrim. According to Steam, the website that hosts the game and logs the hours I’ve played through them, I have played over 1720 hours of Skyrim, including the original version of the game, and the remastered “Special Edition” in 2016. That doesn’t include the hours I played on the Playstation and the Xbox… which was probably about 200-300 hours, so I have bout 2,000 hours logged on to this game. And I’m totally not ashamed to say so. As a matter of fact, I wish I’d started playing this game earlier. It came out in 2011 I believe (that’s old in game years) and I didn’t start playing it until 2015… But to me, this means I missed out on four years of play time. That’s sad because I absolutely love this game. Even with being a seven year old game, it’s still one of the better sellers on Steam. So I guess I’m not the only one who likes it. I know it’s one of the most heavily modded game on the nexus website, but that’s probably what makes it so playable after all this time. I know that’s what makes it playable for me.


So yeah, I’ve been playing basically the same game for three years. Why? Because it’s a beautiful game. And it’s one of the ultimately replayable games. And, as I mentioned before, because it’s so easily moddable, that extends the replayability of the game. Big time. The vanilla, or unmodded game, is beautiful in and of itself, and I played for quite a long time without mods. but once I found out about mods, well, there was no looking back. Because, damn, when you can make a world look this good, it’s like a whole nother game sometimes. I have to admit, I’m a new game junkie. I don’t think I’ve gotten past level 30 for a long time because I’ll see a bright, shiny new mod that requires a new game and I’ll toss away the old game and start all over again. I’ve seen people talk on forums about games they have that they don’t want to lose because they have over 200 hours into them and I’m like… “Wha…?” I can’t even conceive of putting that much time into one game. But that’s the beauty of single player games, anyone and everyone can play it their way.


undoctored screenshot

Me, personally, I like to make my game as tough as possible then cheat like hell. I download mods that give me god-like armor and weapons and fight those ultra tough enemies without fear of dying in one shot. That makes my game fun to me. I also like to make my Skyrim as beautiful as possible. The screenshots I post here from my Skyrim? yeah, they’ve been put through some filters in Photoshop, but there’s only so much one can do in Photoshop. I have tons of texture mods that take my Skyrim from beautiful to drop-dead gorgeous. There are some days I play the game and walk around just marveling at some of the talent of the modders (who do these things for free BTW). I mean… wow! Like the weather mod I have in my game right now makes it looking pretty awesome. Just the clouds alone… damn.

I mean… just look at that… Beautiful.

whiterun road

Now, this particular game has an enb that works in conjunction with the weather mod to make the world look more… fantastic, as in, the colors are not meant to be realistic. This is a fictional world after all where magic works and dragons are a thing, why wouldn’t flowers glow (all harvestable flowers glow in my game, but that’s not the enb, that’s this mod here, which I updated and modified for my own game). So yeah, mods make Skyrim completely replayable over and over again, and playing Skyrim — and a couple of other games fills the time I have on my hands. And I have a lot of time on my hands. Since my eyes are being wonky these days, reading isn’t always easy for me. I can totally read on the internet for a little while since I can adjust the text as needed, but reading with a back light makes my head hurt after a while. I kinda miss my kindle that didn’t have the back light.  Wasn’t that their whole spiel when they first came out? It’s like reading a newspaper! You won’t strain your eyes! Well, that’s not true anymore. Oh well.

mushroomsSo anyway, Skyrim. I’ve been playing it for a while, and modding it for a while too. I tried to build a mod for Skyrim — a dungeon mod — because why not a dungeon mod?  I had a quest and everything planned for it. I had the whole dungeon built and decorated, and was plotting where to put the enemies and learning how to put navmesh down when I… I accidentally deleted it. Yeah yeah, I know… I shoulda had a back up. Don’t lecture me! >_< But it was gone.  Gone like it never existed. Three months of work down the tubes in less than a minute. It wasn’t a great dungeon, I mean it wouldn’t win any awards or anything (I don’t even know if there are awards for these things) but it was my first dungeon, and I was quite pleased with how it was turning out. I’ll probably get back to it one day, but I need to buy me some motivation from somewhere — anyone know where they sell that stuff? I’ve been running low lately…

teddy bear1

And they do disturbing things with teddy bears

I mean, I still have our mod for Fallout 4 to finish. I haven’t made containers for the downloadable content (DLC).  According to Steam, I’ve put a little over 800 hours into Fallout 4, and I don’t even like a lot of things about that game.  I mod Fallout 4 just ot make it playable. Because Fallout 4 out of the box (to me) is a one-shot deal… actually, I barely finished my first playthrough. There are just too many things that piss me off about the game, like how the game developers think humans will still be living in trash and rags after 200 years. Or, how the people who designed the game believe that skeletons will be in the exact positions they died after 200 years! I mean, come on! Even in a fantasy world, that wouldn’t happen. I don’t think the developers of Fallout 4 have any concept of what 200 years encompasses. And, the thing that really ticks me off about this game is that every single breathing thing has a death wish, and they all want you, the playable character, dead. Except those that want you (the PC) to build them a settlement and micromange that settlement all the while going down the list of fetch-quests that everyone hands you (the PC). Because no one can do anything except pretend to pick crops or sweep in this game, but the PC. It’s freaking annoying. But I can build stuff like this:



Fallout 4 has its own kind of beauty (when it’s modded)

Because Fallout 4 has mods too, and that makes it playable… As I mentioned before, and it has a settlement building system that I love, so I play with that and pretty much ignore the rest of the game as much as I can — hence the 800 hours. I like to build stuff.  Sue me.


I too can be a coffee cup! (Prey)

Of the two, I prefer Skyrim. I’m playing a new game of Skyrim Special Edition now. I hope I can make it past level 30 without starting over. I do have to say that the last two times I started over weren’t because I wanted to. The last time I started over is because Bethesda, the developer, updated the game and that kinda broke many of the mods I use because… well it’s hard to explain if you don’t mod games or work with computer software.  But they change the way the basic game works, and the script extender that makes my mods work then doesn’t work with the “new” basic game… So then we, the players, have to wait for everything to catch up. I’m totally not complaining because modders mod for free and I love each and every one of them for it. It would be like if you had a favorite radio station you listened to — the best one you’ve ever found and you don’t want to listen to anything else — and every three months or so, they changed the frequency of that radio station, ever so slightly claiming that they’re trying to find the “best frequency ever” for your convenience. Now you’d have to fiddle with the knob to find it again. It’s kind of a pain, but worth it. Also, I can play things like Prey between times. Totes worth it. But I’ll always come back to Skyrim. I don’t know what it is about that game, I just like it.

6 thoughts on “Skyrim

  1. Elsie

    The visuals are stunning. One of my favorite (albeit uber old) RPG is Baulder’s Gate. They released a version I can play on my tablet. So much fun! To think I played it with my kids when they were little and now we’re all sitting around, they’re grown, playing again. Lots of fun!



    1. Willow Post author

      I’ve played a few of the older games, but because I started with Skyrim, I have difficulties with older game mechanics… I used to play video games when I was a teenager — in the arcade… like Pac Man and Donkey Kong (I’m so old!) — but after I had kids I didn’t have time for them, so I didn’t start playing on console/computer again until a couple of years ago… with Skyrim. Now I can’t go back to the older graphics/animations.

      I’ve heard really good things about Balder’s Gate.


  2. Embeecee

    Thanks for the exploration (vicarious) of Skyrim. And just FYI? You’re NOT ‘old’…I grew up without arcade games even….I mean one could play pin-ball, but only at dubious institutions where *GASP* there might even be liquor (beer) served and people smoked. A LOT. No, Pong (I think it’s called Pong) was the first game I heard of (we couldn’t afford the console to play such things and besides Pop had Gunsmoke to watch).. It was revolutionary in a way because up to that point? We went outside and played real time versions of what are now role playing games or one player mods. Taking turns being the ‘bad guy’ (or girl in my case) or the hero. I suppose that’s where the inspiration for all the vid games came from though.


    1. Willow Post author

      I remember playing Pong on the Atari. And yeah, most of the role playing games come from the Dungeons and Dragons type games people played back in the day.


  3. Vanessence

    I was a Sims2 girl for the longest time, until my other computer died. So, no more Sims2. I’d used all the cheat codes and everything to make it my perfect little world, lol. 🙂

    My kids loved Destiny something fierce, and right now my son is really into Warframe.

    Those screenshots are absolutely gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Willow Post author

      WordPress is totally not telling me when I get comments on my posts, or I would have answered you a long time ago. Sorry! My sister plays Sims. She loves that game — I think she has all of them. I tried Sims, but never could get into it… Too much micromanaging for me. ^_^ Cheat codes for the win! hahaha!



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