VVariety, they say, is the spice of life. Change and different experiences make life interesting — so the thought goes. Most people get bored doing the same ol’ same ol’. But others are perfectly happy going through life without very much change at all. You can see that, dear reader, whenever a provider of a service changes something — anything really. Even if it’s the color of the table clothes in a restaurant.  Their customer base will be divided into several parties.  Those who love the change because they were bored with the old stuff.  They usually won’t say anything because they’ll be too busy enjoying whatever change was made. They *might* mention the change in passing, “Nice table clothes, love the color.” or something. But that’s about it. Then there will be the people who hate change, and they will be the ones who are screaming, “Why did you change things? I liked it the way things were!” They’ll make a lot of noise, jump up and down, threaten to never grace the business with their presence again, and might even start petitions or something to get the table clothes changed back to the way they were. Eventually most of this group will calm down and accept the change as part of the norm (until something else changes and the cycle starts again).  And then there are those who really don’t care one way or another, because change for the most part doesn’t really affect them one way or another.  I tend to fall into the third category — generally.  I’m pretty okay with change, but more ambivalent towards it than anything else.  If something does annoy me (I’m looking at you, big, blue question mark in the lower corner of my WordPress blog). I might mention it, but I’m not gonna get mad about it.

the past

Because there’s one thing I realized a long time ago, dear reader, and that is — life moves on, and there’s nothing I can do or say to stop it. And as time moves ever onward, the people around me will change the world I live in whether I want them to or not. Because I exist as a singular person in a world that is filled with other beings, and not one of them bends to my will. Even those close to me are busy living their own lives and honestly most of the people on this wonderful planet of ours just don’t give two figs about what I want or need. And I don’t really expect them to, because it’s just selfish to want everyone, or even most people, around me to take my feelings into consideration IMHO.  This, of course, does not excuse those self-centered people that take no one’s feelings into consideration, because we all do live in a world with other people and everyone should consider that.  Having said that, I don’t expect the world to revolve around me. And I do expect life to change because… people change, and as they evolve, they will change the world to fit their expectations, just as I will change my little green acre to change mine, no matter how some others want me to keep it the same. It’s just how things go. So long as I’m not hurting anyone… it’s all good.

center of the verse

As I’ve often pointed out on this blog, there are over 7 billion people living on this Earth of ours, and that’s just the humans.  I mean there are billions upon billions of other living being just trying to live one day to the next. And I can guaran-damn-tee with utmost certainty that the majority of them don’t care the tiniest bit about little ol’ me. I can try to stop the change they make on this world if I really wanted to — I don’t.  Or, I can just live with the variety and diversity that all of these different beings, with all of their different ways, provide the world. I think life is more interesting that way. But that’s just my way of doing things, it may not be your way, and that’s okay. My point is, that everyone has their own way — and that is the variety of life.  There is no one, true way. Anyone who thinks so is fooling themselves (or selling something). Variety is indeed the spice of life because it is the world we live in. Even if one does not seek change, change will come willy nilly.

3 thoughts on “Variety

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I like changes that make life better. A nice tablecloth rather than going from fabric to plastic, for example. Yes, I know plastic is easier to clean, but it’s a lot less pleasant to eat at. If I wanted plastic, I could stay home.

    It’s like “upgrades” to software. I expect them to be better than what is supposedly being upgraded. If it isn’t better and so often, is actually worse, it will just piss me off.

    A lot of the reason changes have no effect on us is because they are not significant. Getting new tablecloths because the old ones are worn out isn’t an improvement. It’s just keeping the place where it was. Most of the stuff around is not so much change as maintenance and we deal with it as such.

    There are changes i’d really LIKE to see, but I’m not optimistic.



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