Zetans and zombies

Right about now, unless you’ve played the Fallout games, you’re probably asking, “What the hell is a Zetan?” And you’re right to be confused, dear reader. Well, I’ll tell ya. A Zetan is this little guy:


Behold! the Zetan!

So far as I know, Zetans only exist in the Fallout universe. I’ve only played Fallout 4, but I’ve watched other people play Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3, so I know they’ve made appearances in those games. The little alien in the picture above has but a cameo in Fallout 4 because, as you can see by the picture, as soon as the Player Character comes within sight of the sucker, he opens fire. And the PC is forced to flee or kill the rat bastard. It’s one of the things I dislike about the Fallout games. Everyone is trying to kill my character, and there’s often not a chance for a peaceful solution. At least that’s how it is in Fallout 4, from what I’ve seen in the earlier games, there were often *some* peaceful solutions, it wasn’t just a gun and bullet fest from the moment one walked out of the door. But I digress.

I kinda wanted to know more about this little alien when I ran into him playing through Fallout 4 but there isn’t much except what’s on the linked wiki page. I mean, why were there aliens in the game to begin with? Other than to give me a righteous alien blaster? Which, for some reason, always has plenty of ammo… and my character has the knowledge and tools to update. Whatever, I’ll take it.

alien blaster

Speaking of /z/ words in video games. How about zombie? I was just talking about this to Doug the other day. Now I haven’t played The Last of Us, but I’ve seen a few playthroughs, and there’s a couple of things that bug me about that game. The first just something I noticed and went, “okay that’s weird…” See, one of the protagonists (and sometimes playable character) is a young, female person who doesn’t take nothing from nobody, and she’s perfectly capable of handling herself in a fight. And there are plethora of strong, female characters in the game. But has anyone noticed that every punk in that game is male? Like every single generic bad guy is a young man? I’m not sure if that’s laziness on the producer’s part or… what. But that just bothered me for some reason. I mean, why go through the trouble of putting badass female characters in active roles then filling the world with nothing but young, male baddies? There were female zombies, but the gangs were nothing but men. It was just weird.


But that has nothing to do with the zombies. The zombies in that game — from what I’ve seen — suffer from something most video game zombies suffer from, though not as much I think. It’s that there appear to be an endless supply of them.  Even though it’s been thirty years since the outbreak of the infection in the story of The Last of Us, (maybe more I’m bad with numbers), the humans still don’t have the upper hand and it appears that the zombies outnumber the humans. Which is weird to me because the zombies are way killable. The Fallout games have this problem too (though Fallout players will tell you that “Ghouls are not zombies!”).  Anyway, for some reason, video games (and movies) seem to think that zombies are infinite. And since children rarely become zombies (it happens, but not often in games and movies) it’s mostly adults, so only roughly half of the population will be zombies at any given time. Zombies don’t procreate, they can only spread whatever is making them zombies, right? And eventually, they will die — as is evidenced by the player character killing them. One less zombie to worry about. But surviving humans will procreate, and they will keep killing the zombies. My point is, eventually, the surviving humans will outnumber the zombies. And it won’t take as long as many gaming companies and movies think. But I suppose that doesn’t make for an interesting game. At least The Last of Us has a semi-reasonable timeline. Fallout games… not so much.

choking skeletons

Amusing Bethesda, but NOT realistic! >_<

I mean, most Fallout games take place hundreds of years after the bombs fell, and the developers seem to think that life didn’t go on… That people didn’t have kids, and those kids didn’t have kids (lots of kids… because infant mortality is a thing). There’s usually one or two kids per town. Like… wha…? No! And they seem to want me to believe that the people who turned to feral ghouls when the bombs fell (or shortly after) would still be shambling around the same spots they “turned” all of those hundreds of years ago.  Like, I don’t think so. Even if it took over a hundred years for non-ghoul people to crawl out of their shelters, other animals or ghouls would have totally moved in on them by now. Not to mention nature. Nature is an unstoppable force, even mutated nature will start knocking things over in a matter of years. There aren’t gonna be any skeletons artfully decorating the place in two hundred years because bone disintegrates in a matter about 50 years if they haven’t been buried or otherwise interred.  After two hundred years, those skeletons in the picture would be nothing but ashes in the wind. Probably in another country. Ha! Nothing, and no one, would be exactly where it was two hundred years ago. Okay, maybe if it was locked away in a bunker… maybe. But things disintegrate, and bugs, critters, and mold happen. I’m sorry, a shambling ghoul, even a mindless one, isn’t gonna stay put for hundreds of years. And don’t even get me started on the boy in the fridge

billy fridge

For those of y’all who don’t want to click the link, there’s a “quest” in Fallout 4 where one stumbles upon a ghoul child in a refrigerator, where — you guessed it — he hid when the bombs fell. Two hundred years ago! And we’re supposed to believe a) that he’s survived in there all of this time without food, water, and not even enough room to turn around. b) that no one else has bothered to open the refrigerator in 200 years, and c) that he can walk, talk, and mentally function after being locked in a fridge for hundreds of years.  But whatever. So we let him out and it gets even weirder. We then have the option to a) sell him to a raider that appears out of nowhere to buy him, b) bring him with us on our travels, c) tell him to get lost, or d) take him back to his pre-war home.  If your character chooses the last option (and this one really gets my goat)… his blankity-blank parents are still living in the house, because they’re ghouls too. And they’ve waited… WAITED! all of this time for him to come back. They didn’t go looking the short walk to find him for 200 years. Nope, they stayed in their stupid house and they waited — in their house — for the player character to bring their precious child home. Stupid, stupid, STUPID! There are many things that I dislike about Fallout 4 (and many things that I like about it) but this one quest made me rage quit for days. Because who thought this was a good idea???  Just thinking about it makes me mad. >_<

ZDeep breath…


Anyway… zetans (aliens) and zombies are what came to mind with this, my last, A-Z challenge. It’s been fun.  Maybe I’ll do it again next year. We’ll see. ^_^

2 thoughts on “Zetans and zombies

  1. Willow Post author

    So, Purple Slob in Recovery sent me a private message saying she couldn’t log in to leave a comment. Is anyone else having trouble commenting? I’m pasting her comment for this blog post here:

    Willow, WP is pressing my patience! Trying to comment on Zetans, and it won’t let me sign in, or comment at all. ERGH #1 Thanks for explaining the boy in the fridge, w/o me having to click the link. #2 That would bug me too. #3 I agree those things are stupid. #4 Remember the inventors of half those games are 12 yo boys, and their brains aren’t developed enough to think of those things. lol


    1. Willow Post author

      Hey! My husband used to develop video games! 😛 It actually takes a lot of time and effort to make them.

      But you’re half right. Sometimes the people who develop these things think the *players* of the games are twelve year old boys who aren’t smart enough to think of these things. ^_^



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