It’s all in the accent

man machine

Get in there, Todd! (Google Image)

A long time ago (we’re talking 1980’s here), I had a friend from Texas who was telling me about… something about summer camp… something about a prank… and she uttered this sentence:

“And then we put Todd in the washer…

I was all, “Hold up! Like, why on Earth would you, like, put Todd — whoever that is — in the washer?”

And she was like, “Wha…? Like, I totally never said we put anyone named Todd in the washer. Like, why would we do that?”

And I said, “You totally, fersure, just said: We put Todd in the washer.”

She busted out laughing, “Like oh my gawd I did not! I said We put Tide in the washer. Not Todd! Like, you know, Tide! The laundry soap? Like, totally. I don’t even know a Todd.” And we both laughed at the thought of a Todd in the washer.

And they both sounded the same — Tide and Todd. Of coure, back then, I didn’t know much about accents other than people had them, and I didn’t know much about dialects other than they were a thing. But little conversations like that were what made me study English in all its glory. And I do love languages, especially English. Ah, memories. Just a tidbit, but that’s what the daily prompt brought to mind.

Now that I’m remembering this conversation more clearly. They didn’t put Tide in the washer, they put it in the air conditioner… to make bubbles or something. Y’all will have to forgive my memory. It’s been thirty years since I’ve had this conversation. ^_^

via Daily Prompt: Tide


2 thoughts on “It’s all in the accent

    1. Willow Post author

      That is the pin/pen merger. People from certain parts of the country say words like pin/pen tin/ten the same whereas people from other parts of the country will say them differently. I, myself say the words caught/cot the same, whereas people from the South say them differently. It’s all in the accent. ^_^



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