Baby steps

A Fibromyalgia pic 8I went shopping today. Yay! Haven’t been to an actual department store in a while. Doug needed shirts, and I just had this sudden urge to go on his errands with him, much to his surprise and my own.  I mean, he was all, “Need me to get anything while I’m out?” Just like he usually says and I was all, “You know what? let me go with you.” right out of nowhere. Shocked the hell out of me when the words came out of my mouth, but what the hell? Why not go to the store.  So we went to Target because that’s the closest place to get things like men’s shirts. I’m usually the type to wander the aisles of a department store and see what’s what, but we just browsed the electronics section (nothing to be found there), got some treats for the furbabies, and bought some shirts for Doug. In and out in less than an hour, and with only one bag (not counting the food for the furbabies). That’s gotta be some kind of record for me. Ha!

But still, I went out and about. I even let go of the cart long enough to buy some coffee at the Starbucks they have in the store. So there ya go.


Sarah’s Scribbles

I’m a little tired now though, but I’m happy. Yesterday all it took to wipe me out for the entire day was to take a shower and do the dishes. I literally had a hard time getting up the energy to do anything yesterday. Like, I sat on the couch for half an hour convincing my body that I did, indeed, need to actually rise from a sitting position and move my happy ass from the living room to the bathroom in order to answer the call of nature. Half an hour, dear reader of actively telling my body to get up and move before it’s too late. My body was not having it. And once I did the deed and returned to the couch (it was not too late), it took me at least an hour to recover from the journey. I really hate days like that. Thankfully, they don’t occur all too often. I mean, I’m often fatigued, but not to that extent.

But today’s better. I actually put on real clothes and went forth to shop for things for the hubster and the pets. I didn’t stay out for very long. And I’m back on the couch and in a mumu. But hey, at least I left the house. Baby steps, dear reader, baby steps. ^_^

2 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. Embeecee

    You do what you can, when you can. And that’s just fine. Chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and other factors dictate what some of us can do, and what we just can’t. I’m more in the “I WILL stay in because there’s people out there” school of thought, and enjoyed Sarah’s scribble immensely. So I’m hoping for more good days for you and less of the bad ones.



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