Still messin’ with Photoshop

Whenever I’m too tired to do anything else, I’m still messing with Photoshop. And I’m still using screenshots from my Skyrim games because, as I’ve mentioned many times before, Skyrim is a beautiful game. I did this one yesterday:

snowy walk original

Original Screenshot

So, I’m trying to get a feel for contrast in the picture. I mean, I can get my character (the lady in the front) in focus and looking a little sharper with no problem. But if I try to get the cat man in the back into focus, then my character will be too sharp. So it’s all about balance, and it’s not easy to do. Also, it’s really difficult to get good screenshots at night because as you can see, the filter in the game is just kind of “make everything bluish” and when there’s snow it’s “make everything white-ish”.  Which looks fine when I’m in game, but in screenshots… not so much.

snowy walk


I had the same trouble with this sunset. It looked so gorgeous in the game that I stopped and stared at it for several seconds because it was just beautiful. And — of course — I took a screenshot, but when I looked at the screenshot it just didn’t capture the feeling as well. I mean, it’s still gorgeous, but it just isn’t as awe inspiring as it was in the game. ^_^ I fiddled with it a bit but I never came up with anything that I really liked. Mostly because of the grey clouds that started rolling in just as I took the screenshot, they totally mess up everything I tried to do to this picture. It’s still pretty though. This is the original screenshot.


But I’m kinda proud of this next one. I can’t even remember everything I did to it, I think it turned out pretty well. At first I was all, “Man, the NPC moved and ruined my shot!” but then it turned out that her pose was kinda interesting so I went with it.  I have a mod that makes most of the interiors look like they’re lit by… well… fire and candles, so it’s pretty dark inside most inns and taverns, which is why the original is kind of orangish/red. But I think my fiddling around turn out pretty well.


Original Screenshot



And that’s it. Just me showing off my mad Photoshop skills again. ^_^ Because why not? It’s something I do to pass the time and this is as good a place as any to say, “Look what I did!” ha!

4 thoughts on “Still messin’ with Photoshop

    1. Willow Post author

      Thanks! But there’s a huge difference between making a 2D still shot looking nice and a 3D video game looking good. Besides, the game is over 6 years old, so it’s gonna look its age. ^_^



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