A little sad

But the way life goes I suppose. Remember these guys?

tom turkeys


There were five of them not too long ago. Two toms and three jennies. Now there’s just one… tom? could be a jennie. And the poor thing just walks through our yard gobbling as turkeys do. He/she peers into the gate and even comes up onto the back porch (according to my tenant) and the poor thing just sounds and looks so… lonely wandering around all by itself. I mean, I don’t know if it is lonely, I’m not a turkey, but it certainly appears to be lonely. Maybe I’m anthropomorphizing. I dunno.


Stray dog in my yard

Now, I don’t know what happened to the other turkeys, but there are coyotes around here, and there are also people who let their dogs run loose.  There are two in my yard as I type this. Also… bears.  Annnddd… I had to go outside and deal with the off leash dogs in my yard. It’s really annoying that people let their dogs run free like that. I know that there’s not a whole lot of traffic here, but there are the aforementioned coyotes and bears, and even if there’s not a lot of traffic there is traffic. Plus, these guys just sit outside my fence and aggravate my dogs. Even Cocoa, who is the chilliest of chilled who ever chilled kind of dog, he barks at these dogs when they come into our yard. Surprised the hell out of me when I saw him, all hackled up at the fence. But he was there snarling and all, “My yard! Get out!”  and kicking his little hind feet. I mean, I expected that from Poptart, but not Cocoa. I’m just glad we have a seven foot tall fence because I’m pretty sure this dog pictured could easily hop over a five foot fence.  He was doing some fancy jumping and running around just now. I’m this close |—| to calling animal control on them.


It was fun while it lasted

Anyway, back to the turkeys.  I like to think that because there were two toms and three jennies, that the jennies are sitting on nests somewhere and soon we’ll be seeing a whole flock… gaggle?… what are turkeys called? — hold on… okay a rafter of  little turkeys milling about. I mean one can be hopeful, right? Though that doesn’t explain what might have happened to the other tom… I honestly hope that the jennies are sitting on nests somewhere and not eaten by coyotes or whatnot. I kind of enjoyed having them wander through my yard and do a little pest control. Part of me wants to buy some turkeys, ducks, and chickens and just let them roam free in my yard, but I would feel guilty if they were eaten by the local wildlife. I feel a little sad that this might be what happened to these turkeys that aren’t even mine… I mean, that could happen no matter how high a fence I put up, but… yeah. I’m not overly sad about it all, because I know that everything dies in the end. I also I know that coyotes et al, will eat poultry — and anything else they can get their grubby little paws on. It’s what they do. I mean they have to eat too, and I don’t resent them for that.  I don’t mourn the dead for being dead. I just kind of miss seeing the gaggle rafter of turkeys in my yard every day is all. And just seeing the one looking all lonely kind of tugs at the heartstrings… you know?

2 thoughts on “A little sad

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Well, turkeys also get old, like other creatures. We are not short of turkeys, so soon enough, there will be more. Coyotes have ALWAYS eaten turkeys. That’s what turkeys were born to be — Coyote chow.



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