Facespace weirdness and other things

Facebook is being strange these days. First off, I posted this video of a chicken stealing a mouse from a cat. I shared it from another post, and the original was removed… Something about violence, I dunno. If people can’t face that violence is a part of nature, well, they just don’t understand life, now do they?

Another thing that Facebook has done is they keep locking me out of my account. Somehow, some way, I botched a setting on my computer that logged me out of everything whenever I closed Chrome, so I had to log in whenever I reopened Chrome (this has since been fixed). But Facebook suddenly started throwing up these “your email is not in our database” messages at me. What the actual fuck, Facebook? Whaddya mean, my email isn’t in your database? I was just logged on, literally, two seconds ago!!! I’m guessing it has to do with my ad blocker. Everything is probably something to do with my ad blocker. grumble grumble. Facespace hates ad blockers as I’ve come to find out. In the past, nearly every difficulty I’ve had boiled down to “we don’t like the fact that you’re not seeing our ads.”  How’s that for a complication? (Haven’t done a daily prompt in a while, figured I’d do one).  It’s either have a mostly ad-free internet, or deal with Facespace’s tantrums.

Bloody drama.

Youtube does it to, but more subtly. Like, they won’t display entire comments if one has an adblocker on, or one might not get notifications of new videos from people they’re subscribed too. Not every video, but a few now and again. And I’ll bet money that the reason I’m not getting notifications for some of y’all’s comments and posts here on WordPress is because I have an ad blocker on.

silly rabbitBut I’ll tell you something, dear reader. I’m not turning it off. I just cannot deal with the inane world that is advertisements. It is the driving factor that made me give up television — the commercials. And don’t tell me about how I can record and skip the commercials. That’s too much trouble for not enough reward (the programs aren’t worth the effort). And this isn’t a new thing for me, dear reader. Oh no. I’ve disliked commercials in general since I was an itty-bitty kid and had to endure all of those cereal commercials during Saturday morning cartoons. Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids! I just liked television more as a kid. Ha!

Anyway, the adblock stays on, and my internet gets more complicated as a result. A complication I brought on myself. I understand, businesses are in the business of making money, and I’m denying them my potential two cents by blocking the ads. Not really, I never click on any ads, so they will rarely make any money from me.

Daily Prompt: Complication

And, just for fun, go read this “list” someone compiled from the twitter hashtag “badstockphotosofmyjob” It’s hysterical. Here’s an example:



4 thoughts on “Facespace weirdness and other things

  1. Embeecee

    Today WP has kicked me out three times so far, citing some oddball run time error. Maybe it’s the ‘net in general that’s whacking out…and I’ll leave my adware ON thanks, it’s so much more pleasant on-line without those increasingly stupid and frequent ads for crap you never wanted, but which some bot decided, based on your ‘viewing preferences’ that you’d buy. Erg.

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