Sharing My World 5/21/18


Like this one. Picture from here

What household chore do you absolutely enjoy doing? (can be indoor or outdoor) I enjoy washing the dishes by hand. The hot water, the bubbles. I do love it. Whenever I worked in a cafe or restaurant, that was the best part of the job, bussing the tables and washing the dishes. It’s great. I even loved those big dish washing machines where you rinse the dishes put them in a flat bin and push them through the machine to have them come out sparkling clean on the other side.  Of course, not everything could go into that monstrosity, so I still had to clean the delicate dishes. And I loved the high pressure water hose I could use to clean stubborn food. I wish I had that here.  I don’t have many dishes to wash nowadays since I don’t have the energy to stand above a sink for very long. And the setup in my current kitchen is pretty awful — I dunno who designed this kitchen, but they had absolutely no idea how a kitchen works. But you know what? I still enjoy doing washing dishes.

Create a sentence with the words “neon green” and train”. The train box cars that one can use to build a home with in the game Fallout 4 come in many colors, including faded red, motley purple, nuclear yellow, and neon green. (more of a turquoise, but that didn’t fit the prompt)


Not mine… from here


Other than your cell phone what can you always be found with? Contrary to popular belief, I don’t carry my phone with me everywhere I go. I forget it more often than not.  There isn’t one thing that I actually *always* have on me, though I should have my inhaler with me everywhere I go. I tend to forget that too. I suppose if I went out more often, I’d start remembering my inhaler — but not my phone. My phone just isn’t all that important to me.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.  The usual… Messing around with Photoshop. hahaha!  I’m learning how to tweak things with overlays and filters, and I took this screenshot of a foggy day in Skyrim.  I wanted to see if I could still convey the feeling of “foggy” without the god-awful screening they have over everything. Like I said in previous posts about the in-game filters, it looks fine in 3D (you can even see the color of the flowers in the game…) but not in a 2D image (as you can see).  I think it came out pretty well.

Original image:



foggy path

Via Cee’s Share Your World

Edited to remove the overuse of the word actually.

7 thoughts on “Sharing My World 5/21/18

  1. Embeecee

    Your photoshopping in Skyrim is working so well! It’s startling to see how much more clarity there is after you tweak those images versus the originals. Good job!! And I used to like washing the dishes by hand. These days? I have a dishwasher and I use it. Less clutter that way…but I get the relaxation of hand washing..


    1. Willow Post author

      Thanks! It’s fun to learn new things in Photoshop, and there’s a guy online who is really interesting to watch. Experimenting is fun too. 🙂


  2. purpleslob

    “Edited to remove the overuse of the word actually.” Lol!!
    Since I installed the pedometer, I even remember to take my phone on midnight potty trips, usually. I want credit for every single step!! 😉

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    1. Willow Post author

      hehehe. My husband has a pedometer he wears on his wrist. It makes a little light show when he reaches his step goal. He loves that. I have one too. It’s sitting in my bathroom on a shelf. hahahaha!

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