It depends… in which I answer some questions

Embeecee over at Sparks from a Combustible Mind answered some questions today, and as y’all know, I just cannot resist answering questions. It’s a compulsion.  I need help. 🙂 She got her questions from here, who got them from somewhere else. I didn’t follow the trail to the source. 🙂 Read Embeecee’s answers, they’re pretty witty, as always. I don’t know the other person, and didn’t find her answers particularly witty — more opinionated, but to each their own. Anyway on to the questions. 


uneasy truceDog or Cat?  I like both. I have both. I’ve always had both if I had my druthers. I’m allergic to both, but I’m more allergic to cats than dogs. I think cats are way easier to take care of than dogs, but I have three dogs and one cat… so there’s that.  After My Mister passes, we will probably not get another cat since I have a sneaking suspicion that he is a least one of the reasons why I cannot breathe.

Toast or Eggs?  I, don’t have a preference of one over the other, but I tend to eat eggs more often than I eat toast because they are less upsetting to my stomach. Having said that, I do enjoy me a bit of toast now and again. Just toast with a bit of butter. Yummy.

Facebook or Twitter? Surprise surprise, I do have a preference! Alert the media, because it doesn’t happen often! hahahaha! I prefer Facespace over Twitter. I’ve tried to tweet a few times over the years, but ended up abandoning every account I’ve ever created. I just never got the hang of it. I think I’m too verbose for Twitter. ^_^

Mobile Games or Console Games?  OMG, it’s happening again! I have a preference! Will wonders never cease?  If I had to chose, I’d play games on a console (a console for those who don’t know, is a machine made to specifically play video games — like the Sony Playstation, or the Microsoft XBox).  I don’t have a preference for which console to use, but I’d prefer to have a console over a phone any day — because I’d rather use a controller over a touchscreen any day of the week, plus I can’t even with the tiny screen on the phone. That’s so not happening.

Having said all of that. I’d rather play games on my computer over either of the above mentioned choices.


While walking: Music or Podcasts?  Teehee, walking… This body doesn’t do walking anymore. However, when I did walk… and I used to walk… a lot… I totally listened to music. Hands down. What madness is this? Another preference? Some of my readers may just faint away from the shock. ^_^

Swimming or Sunbathing?  I was hoping the whole sunbathing thing had gone out of style by now considering soaking yourself in oil and baking in the sun brings about cancer… That’s not even a preference, that’s just healthy. As for my personal choice, I tried sunbathing way back when I was a pre-teen and teenager (back in the nineteen seventies and eighties). I tried it maybe, twice, possibly three times — because peer pressure is a thing, you know. But each and every time I lasted about, maybe, five minutes. Tops. It’s boring as fuck, and the sun beating down on my head gave me a headache every time.  Plus I burn pretty easily so, nope. Not for me.

I don’t swim much these days. But I used to.

howispendmoneyNew Clothes or New Phone?  This one doesn’t even make sense. If I’m buying clothing it’s because I need clothing. Why would a new phone even factor into the equation? Same with a new phone. If I’m buying a phone it’s because I need a phone… clothing doesn’t have anything to do with that decision.

Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? Again this doesn’t make sense to me.  Why should one have to choose between having a nice car or a nice home interior? It’s not like one buys a car and a home at the same time. And it’s been my experience that one’s home interior changes over time. Because, you… like, you know, live there. And tastes change. You know? People slowly build the interior of their homes over the time they live in it. And cars… well cars are basically temporary possessions nowadays. It used to be that someone could buy a car and keep it nearly as long as they kept their house, but nope, one is lucky to have a car for ten years these days. (grumble, grumble…) Why spend all that money on a ‘nice’ car? I’d rather have a practical one.  As for a “nice” home interior, well “nice” is totally subjective, isn’t it? I mean I’d rather have something that’s built to last than “nice” any day of the week.

Hamburger or Taco? Depends on what I’m in the mood for. Today I might want a hamburger, but tomorrow I might want a taco. Right now, I could really go for a hot dog.

Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?  There are many things one can get in an online store that one cannot get in a brick and mortar. Especially around here.  However, if I’m shopping for clothing it’s better to be able to try them on.  Also it’s better to buy perishables in person, in my humble opinion.

Receive: Email or Letter? I don’t care, so long as someone writes me.

hp320Tablet or Computer?  Stand back! because I have another preference here… I’ll take a computer over a tablet any day. I despise touch screens with every fiber of my being, and tablets are nothing but one big touch screen. I used to have the computer shown here, which has a touch screen, and it was pretty good, but I never actually used the touch screen. I used the keyboard and mouse.  Right now, I have a laptop and laptops these days are just as powerful as tower computers used to be. I’m happy with my laptop. I don’t even own a tablet. I do have a Kindle to read at night, but that’s about it.

Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?   Someone can be both intelligent and funny. My husband is both intelligent and funny.  I like that in a partner.

Car or Truck?  When we went car shopping not too long ago, I was looking for a truck, but the type of truck I was looking for isn’t being made anymore. I’ve always wanted a little red truck. Like, a little red truck… not one of those big, hulking monstrosities that I see on the road all over the place that one needs a ladder to get up into. I mean, those are fine and dandy, and I’m cool with them. I had a bunch of boyfriends with them when I was younger, but this old body just doesn’t clamber up into them as easily as it used to. Plus, they are really really difficult for me to drive.

As to a preference, I don’t really care one way or another to be honest, so long as my car runs and has a solid body with no dents or rust spots, I’m happy with it. Of course, if it’s a good brand and doesn’t look awful, that’s a plus.

money-680x365_cMoney or Free Time?   I have all the free time I need on my hands. Like, more free time than I could ever want, and not by choice. Would I take money over having all of this free time? Eh… money has never been my goal in life.  It’s not my choice to sit here all day every day; my body just won’t let me do much of anything.

Pen or Pencil?   For what am I using said pen or pencil? These are two separate instruments that do distinct things. That’s like asking “screw or nail?”  Just because they look the same and kind of perform similar functions doesn’t mean they are the same thing. So if I’m doing a crossword puzzle, I’d probably use a pencil (because I’m not pretentious), but if I’m signing legal documents, I’d probably use a pen. However, if it’s just for general writing — like for a grocery list — I’ll grab whatever’s handy.

Train or Plane? I don’t fly.

Phone or Tablet?  Okay do people make phone calls from their tablets nowadays? Did I miss that memo? Otherwise this question makes no sense. Also, see answer for tablets/computer.

Meat or Vegetables? Um, A well rounded diet will have both.  Vegetarians, and vegans chose not to eat meat, but we do have pointed teeth for a reason. That’s all I’ll say about that.

front porch

picture from front window

Ocean or Mountains?  See, this is where these kinds of questions break down. Does this question mean to live? or to visit?  I love to visit the ocean but I’d hate to live by the ocean. I lived near the ocean in both Florida and  Virginia and — in my opinion — it was pretty awful. But when it comes to visiting places, I like to mix it up. I don’t have a preference. I mean, why would I go to the ocean every time?  I live in the mountains now, and it’s not bad, not saying I want to live here forever and ever, but it’s not bad.

City or Countryside? I’ll take somewhere in between thanks. City is too crowded but the country lacks any kind of shops and/or the hospitals that this failing body needs.

Card Game or Board Game?  Neither and both. You kind of need a social circle to play these, and I don’t have one of those anymore. I play Scrabble against the computer right now, and I play video games. I have no preference between the two however.

newsaug19_preyWorking Alone or Working in a Team?   Depends on what I’m working on. I’m never afraid to ask people for help when I don’t know what I’m doing, but I to much of a control freak to know that someone else is also responsible for something I am also responsible for. It makes me twitch.

Motorcycle or Bicycle?  Wow, like, again, two different machines that do two different things. Just because they both have two wheels and go doesn’t mean they’re in any way comparable. That’s like saying, “Drive or walk?” You can’t walk 20 miles to the store. Well, you can but it’ll take you a long ass time.

When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?   I know that some people like having a fan on when they sleep. I used to be one of those people, so I understand that. I fell out of that habit because I married a man who doesn’t need the fan on to go to sleep. However, needing the fan on to go to sleep really isn’t not that popular, I think. I bet this question is confusing to a lot of people. I have one on now because it’s warm now.

And that’s it.  Normally I totally don’t answer either/or questions, but I have like, zero energy for doing anything today, so I figured why not? I tried not to get too snarky. Thanks for making it this far, dear reader. Go visit Embeecee’s blog. She was way less obnoxious than me. ^_^

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