Side scrolling

Did you know, dear reader, that when one’s internet goes out, if you are on any Google page you will be met with this sight?

no internet

or something similar?  The reason for not connecting will vary… I pulled this image from a google search. What’s important is the little dinosaur at that top. If you hit the space bar, he will start running and thus begins a side scrolling game of him jumping over cacti and ducking under birds.  I didn’t know this about the little guy until I watched an April Fool’s video “critiquing” the game which you can watch here. It’s actually quite good.

What I found out today is… I really suck at side scrollers. I’m awful at them. Terrible. I mean, there are only two moves — jump and duck — but I can’t seem to get the timing on the jumps right, and I haven’t made it far enough into the game to use a duck. hahaha! I’m just really bad at it… as seen here:

dinosaur game

But it’s still kind of addicting. hahaha. Anyway. I just thought I’d tell you that there was a game there in case y’all didn’t know. ^_^

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    1. Willow Post author

      I always wondered why there was a dinosaur there because it seemed like a weird thing to have. I should have known it was there for a reason. 🙂

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