Dark caves

So, yesterday was I dungeon diving in Skyrim and took this screenshot of my character in one of the caves. The cave has been taken over by a “dark presence” so it’s filled with an inky fog. The torch my character is carrying is a magical torch that never goes out (from this mod). It also summons a demon from the ethereal planes to fight by her side, so there’s that. But that’s what’s giving a purple tint to the picture. She’s covered in black because she has a spell called “ebony skin” covering her — it gives her better armor.



Anyway, I wanted to see what I could do to keep the darkness but make it… I dunno, better? Sometimes Photoshop tends to edit out the darkness filters of caves and things, but this time it worked out pretty well. Working with so much black was kinda hard…

dark cave

You might think that there’s too much contrast because she’s shimmering, but she’s supposed to shimmer. It’s part of the spell on her. The only thing I couldn’t fix was big shiny spot on the floor. If anyone knows how to do that without messing with the rest of the picture, that would be helpful.