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"IT says they can't solve your problem... I'm from Anger Management."You know what’s frustrating, dear reader? When a program erases my password. One that I never bothered to remember because I hardly ever use that program. And why does that program need a name and password anyway? It’s not like there’s any sensitive information in that program! It’s the program for my stupid graphics driver. Yeah yeah, there a social aspect to it should I want to partake of said social hullabaloo (I do not). I guess that’s why they have this “protection” shenanigans on there, but I think that I should just be able to download the update without having to jump through all of these stupid hoops. But no… just to update the driver, I need a user name and a password to download said update. And don’t go thinking I can get by without the update, mind you. I cannot. Things don’t work properly if one does not update the driver. You would think that such a simple task could be done without having to “log in”, but you would be wrong.  And why wouldn’t they separate that task out? I don’t know. I’m too torqued to even wonder.

any-keySo anyway, the stupid program decided I didn’t need to have my password stored (for some reason) and erased it.  I have my passwords for just about everything stored… somewhere else. Except for this particular program. Because I only use it to update the graphics card. And lo and behold! there was an update, which I needed to download. So I went to do just that… except my password was gone. Gone like it never existed. Now, being of not so sound mind and failing body, I tend to have four or five passwords that I cycle through. I tried all of them. Nada. So, going the route that most sane-ish people take, I tried to reset the password with the “forgot password” link, and it created a “new” account for me (I’m not sure how that happened). Great! Right? No. Because then it wanted to “connect” my new account with my “old” account and for that it needed my (you guessed it) old password.

It’s a good thing I like my computer. Because I wanted to throw something. So I tried to recover my old password using various other methods presented to me by said program (including the “reset password” link again. Then it locked me out of my account. Bastards.

Technology is great. Until it isn’t. I shut the thing down and waited until today to try again.  Then I went on the chat to talk to someone about it.


me right now

They said, “Try this (thing you did five times already).”

I said, “I tried this five times already.”

“Try it again.”


I tried it again.

It worked.

Son of a bitch! >_<


That just makes me mad.  Because now I just look like an idiot.

Grrr.  I really just wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening. I feel a little better now. ^_^

any key


8 thoughts on “technical shenanigans

  1. Peg Stueber-Temp and Tea

    I’ve maintained for years that computers are not inanimate objects, but super-intelligent beings from another dimension who have come to our poor, backwards planet to run studies on the various stress reactions observed in these ‘weird, living meat sacks.’

    But, then again, I also have conversations with the cats and the various voices in my head, so I’m not exactly ‘sane.’

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    1. Willow Post author

      Why not? There are so many times computers do things that are outside the realm of “they’re not supposed to do that.” I mean, that’s as good of an explanation as any.


  2. purpleslob

    I feel your pain, Willow!! I can’t remember those things to save my life!! I do keep the bank ones in brain, but that’s about all I have room for!!
    My daughter made me a memo for those pw junks, but when my computer went on the blink the other day, then I was stuck!!
    A pw book sounds like a mighty excellent idea, Embeecee!! Provided we can keep track of it! 😉

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    1. Willow Post author

      That’s why I have about 4 that I cycle through (five now)… but yeah… it’s just stupid some of the things that *require* a password. Like… why? What possible reason can you give me for needing a password for this? Just let me download the damned driver. grrrr.


  3. Embeecee

    Okay ladies… I’m a closet on-line shop-o-holic. Given Marilyn’s attractiveness to hackers, I’m not going to say WHERE (yeah, I’m a bit paranoid after hearing about all this hacker business)…but I was cruising a popular shopping type site the other night and found they offered something called (paraphrasing the name, can’t remember the EXACT title)… a password BOOK… it’s hard bound, and cost me $2. I await its arrival soon. And provided (and this is always an iffy thing) I can keep track of the BOOK…I’ll never have to have heart stopping moments when some idiot company or other asks me for a password to a site where I’m updating a driver (geezus louisus!!) THAT, to me, Ms. Willow, is the absolutely dumbest damned thing I’ve ever heard of to date.

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    1. Willow Post author

      I totally meant to answer this sooner, but I’ve been brain dead this past week. Blah. I have my passwords in a text file somewhere, but for some weird reason, writing them down just seems… wrong. Now that I think about it though, it’s probably safer than a text file on my computer… I have empty notebooks all over the place. I’ll have to pull one out and start writing.


  4. Marilyn Armstrong

    Since I rebuilt my computer last week (was it last week? do I remember?), the ONE document I lost was the one with all my passwords on it. I have been replaced ALL my passwords this week. It’s just part of getting on with the day. I probably should save more often than once a month.


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