Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge

So the theme this week is animals.  I could do a bunch of pictures of my pets, but… eh… they’re all kind of brown and/or black and white already, so it’s not much of a challenge to make black and white.  The photo that came to mind when I saw the prompt was this one — of course it’s a screenshot from one of my Skyrim games:

mule inn orginal

So that mule (Millicent) is not supposed to be in the inn. It was a glitch in the program that made her follow her owners (the glaring couple sitting by the fire) into the inn. When I saw her there, I died laughing. It’s little things like that which make playing this game fun. Because look at that couple, they’re glaring at me like, “Say something about our mule being here, I dare you.” And Millicent is just looking as pleased as a peach to be there. Of course the warrior on the right isn’t happy about the whole situation at all. By the by, despite the prompt, one cannot actually talk to Milliscent. She won’t talk back. 🙂

Anyway, I fiddled around with this picture, and this is what I came up with.

mule inn

Anyway, thought I’d share. It’s just a bit of fun.  I don’t have enough energy to go out and take pictures of animals, so y’all will just have to put up with my screenshots. ^_^

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