So it’s just past the Summer Solstice, but here’s what the weather looks like in my neck of the woods:

todays weather

There’s gonna be like, one day of sunny, summer weather this week. Last week there were two. Ha! I’m sure that there will be a week a two of warm weather next month. The weather is actually one of the things I love about this area of the nation. I like the fact that it’s the end of June and it’s under 80 degrees out. I seriously like that. The only drawback is that my hypothyroidism (which I didn’t have the last time I lived here) makes me a bit more… what’s the word? sensitive to the cold. I still prefer colder weather to hot weather, but I think that the older I get, the more my body might like warmer weather. I dunno. I look out my window and and I see cloudy skies and I smile. I like it.

Also, there were deer in my yard this morning (sorry, I didn’t get any pictures). And while that was pretty neat to see, I also didn’t want them eating my fruit trees, which is what they were doing when I spotted them. Brandy finally saw them and chased them away. It’s kind of the same, isn’t it? It’s nice to see the wildlife to, but the downside is, if they eat my fruit trees, there won’t be any fruit, right? I mean, sure they need to eat and all, but can’t they eat the grass instead? I’ve got plenty of that. ^_^ Ha! Like the weather, I like the clouds and the cold, but they sure aren’t doing my poor, aching body any good. You know?

4 thoughts on “Weather…

  1. Embeecee

    I DO know. And I’m jealous too 😉 (of the weather there) it’s been HOT (well to ME, the summer people here, weirdos (IMHO) who love hot (slightly lower than the surface of the sun) temperatures have been grousing about how ‘cold’ it has been. Now to ME? 85+ is NOT COLD. Feh. Anyway…enjoy your cloud cover and cool temperatures. Huny has seen a deer in the ‘common area’ of the HOA up here a couple of times. It looks at her like “what the hell is THAT? A noisy furball?’ Then it’ll spot (or catch scent) ME and *poof* it’s gone. No fruit trees for it to eat, but apparently it loves the plants around our homes…flowers and shrubs etc. And deer like variety in their diet too yano…. 😉 hee hee.


    1. Willow Post author

      I’m okay with the deer coming through I guess, but those poor fruit trees just won’t make it if they strip them bare. ^_^ Brandy is a bit bigger than Huny, so the deer pay attention to her. Eventually, they might figure out that she can’t get out of the fence, but for now, her barking is enough to send them scurrying. Well, sauntering, away. hahahaha!


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