Rat hunters

Today I learned that there’s a group of people in New York City who take their small dogs out at night to hunt rats.  It’s what most small dog breeds were bred for after all.  See, y’all? There are good people in the world. Look for the goodness and you will find it.

6 thoughts on “Rat hunters

  1. Pretty much ALL terriers are ratters. Not that you could convince any of ours to bother their little paws with it, but there are ratting events (not using live rats, but “earth” test involving the dogs going underground to hunt for lures). Lots of terrier owners pride themselves on how good their dogs are at ratting. We have had a couple of terriers who loved hunting … and then we have our current Scotties who really prefer biscuits, thank you. No taste for rats, I guess.

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  2. It’s entirely possible that some rats (especially New York rats) would be bigger than Hunydog. I don’t know what Poptart weighs, but Huny is 7-10 lbs (depending). AND. I’d never want her exposed to rabies which many rats have. But. I fully agree with you about there being good folks and thank you most fervently for sharing this “good” story! 😀


    • Poptart and Hunydog are about the same weight, but! most cats are about their weight and they chase rats too. Some of the dogs in the video are about our dogs’ weight too. Cocoa goes after rabbits and mice around here and he’s only 20 pounds. Poptart goes after voles and garter snakes.

      I hear ya about rabies though.


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