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So, I’m a new-game-addict when it comes to Skyrim. I spend more time modding the game than I do actually playing it. This means I tend to start new games more often than not. And in starting a new game, that means I build new characters. I have a mod that spawns my characters in a prison cell so I don’t have to go through the opening scene over and over again, so I have a lot of shots of my characters that look like… I dunno, mug shots I guess. And I like messing with those in Photoshop. Because why not? So I present to you, dear reader, in no particular order, the lineup of my last few characters. Some I played the game with for a little while, built them a home and let them retire, while others were dropped because the game just couldn’t handle the mod load I had. But I also like creating the character. It’s fun. And hey, it gives me something to play with in Photoshop. 🙂

tyna i thinkwoodcuthardened warriorKhajiit portraitkhajiit portrait 2argonian portraitrandom player

It’s way easy to make these black and white because there’s very little color in the prison cell and they spawn in those “beggar’s rags” which are brown. It’s actually more difficult to keep the color and make it look interesting. It’s also way dark in that cell. Like mega dark. There are no flashbulbs in Skyrim. ^_^

Anyway, I just thought I’d share. Hope you enjoyed my bit of fun.

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  1. Embeecee

    My thought upon viewing these characters was “I hope I never meet ANY of them in a dark alley.” Then I freely borrowed one and tweaked her, just for something to do….it’s the third woman. And no, nobody will ever see. These are awesome sweetie!

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