I’m gonna be grumpy

Today is the Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, here in the United States. It is a day where we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of the Independence which — in spirit — separated us from Great Britain and created the United States of America as a sovereign nation.  We still had a war to fight before we actually became the USofA, but this was the day we declared our freedom — No taxation without representation! Down with tyranny!  &c… And it used to be a great holiday for me and the kids… when my kids were kids.  I actually do enjoy fireworks, picnics, and all of that good stuff. I do. Not so much now that I cannot breathe and move around as much as I could when I was younger. I mean, I never had a mind for crowds, and I have even less of one now. But I don’t really envy others their fun.

4th_of_july_dogBut I have to ask, dear reader, did my neighbors really need to start setting off their fireworks at 8:00 in the morning?  Did they? Was it absolutely necessary for them to do so?  I’ve been up since 7:30 AM and there have been all kinds of bangs and booms echoing through the morning air. I have one dog — Poptart — cowering and panting in his dog carrier with a blanket over it. I have to put him there otherwise he will not only try and dig a hole in the carpet, but he’ll stress pee on everything he can. I speak from experience.  And Brandy is doing the same at my feet.  This, dear reader, has been going on for hours, and it is only 10:30 AM!  >_<  I didn’t get enough sleep last night because they were stressed out about the fireworks being set off then, and so they are even more stressed out now. Me without sleep equals a very grumpy Willow indeed. Even Cocoa, who is usually not fazed by the shenanigans of humanfolk is getting upset by all of this hullabaloo.  I’m predicting that the dogs will be will be probably be in this panicky state for the rest of the day and probably well into tonight. That can’t be healthy for them.


Not a happy dog

I’ve tried sedating Poptart, but it never seems to work with him — poor guy. I know how he feels. Those kinds of things don’t work on me either. Thundershirts never helped any of them. He won’t even look at any treat I put in there for him. I’ve tried all of the things that have worked with him before — calming music, putting him in his kennel, holding him, &c… but he simply will not be calmed, and his unease is making the other dogs riled up. I even had to stop typing because Brandy hopped up into my lap. Brandy! The dog who, in all the time we’ve owned her, has barely stood to petted and will try to break out of any holding or hugging, voluntarily and of her own free will, hopped up into my lap to be comforted. Twice. That’s not a good thing, y’all. Right now, I’ve got white noise on, and that seems to be helping Brandy and Cocoa, but not Poptart. I’m totes at the end of my rope, and it’s not even noon yet.

I don’t want my neighbors to not enjoy the 4th of July. I really think they should enjoy it. But, like Christmas, there’s the time and a place. Some of my neighbors have been disturbing the peace with their enthusiasm for pyrotechnics — *ahem* I meant love of their country of course — for days.  But at least they’ve waited until evening, and I only had to deal with upset dogs for a few hours.  Today, it seems that people just rolled out of bed and started setting match to fuse. I mean, why would anyone be setting off fireworks during the day? You can’t even see them when the sun is out. Is it the noise? I dunno, I guess I just don’t understand all of this patriotism.


I hope there’s a thunderstorm so they’ll quiet the fuck down. Unfortunately, the weather calls for partially cloudy 80F degrees Grrr. Picnics and barbeques are one thing, but damn it, can’t they keep their fireworks for the evening? Jeez.

10 thoughts on “I’m gonna be grumpy

  1. That behavior is NOT patriotic, that’s ENTITLED ASSHOLE behavior. And I know you avoid confrontation, so you won’t go scream at them like a loon, as I would. Here the (IMHO) macho “who has the BIGGEST” fireworks debacle hasn’t been allowed until yesterday, although some buttwad was setting them off (briefly) on Monday night. Yesterday I got a wonderful day of cloudy skies and rainstorms and I sorta kinda wish it had done it again today. Would have cheesed off the boozy celebrants, but at least there’d be peace. I’m so sorry for Poptart. Chihuahuas appear to have a low threshold for noise…I’m dog sitting Taco (chihuahua) and he and Huny have been yapping their asses off already. I’m not looking forward to tonight. I haz a glum. Nice thing for y’all? The dog terrorism ends tonight (or maybe in a couple of days) but HERE? It’ll go on all f*ckin’ month long due to Pioneer Day (Utah Founders Day ) on July 24th. Yippee.


    • If it were my next door neighbor, I might say something like, “Hey, can you wait until tonight to set those off? I have dogs you know.” But these neighbors are way down the way and I don’t know them, have never met them, and honestly don’t know which neighbors are doing it. Sound carries far around here. I got desperate enough to go buy some Benadryl. I gave him half a pill and one of his favorite bone treats to chew on. He’s distracted (for now). Hopefully the Benadryl will help.

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      • Eh. No biggie. What worked last night that I’ve never tried before was the fan. I had the TV on, and left it on a ‘zen’ music station until the wee hours, BUT I also had my floor fan on. Between the two noise sources, the dogs didn’t twitch a whisker. There was no panting, no hiding, no trying to dig a hole through the furniture…it was very peaceful. WooT!


        • We kept Poptart in his kennel until bedtime and the Benadryl helped. We also turned up the fans and the respective computers/video watching, and that seemed to help. But they were blasting away just outside of my bedroom window until well past midnight. He’s fine now. Hope the rest of your month goes as smoothly!


  2. Hey Willow, I can sympathize with the dogs!! I hate all the hoopla too!! I mean, if it was only 1 night, that would be great! I’d celebrate too!! But enuff already!! We saw some coming home from my step mom’s. And that was plenty for me. Ya’ve seen 1 fireworks show, ya’ve seen them all.

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    • I know, right? We can see them from our front window if we wanna take the effort to look out that way, But I had my hands full with playing a video game (the dogs had calmed down a little with the help of kennels, blankets, and Benadryl).


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