Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

So, I have these pictures that don’t really fit into any category, and I thought they’d make a good “fit” for this challenge.  These plants just started growing in my driveway about two years ago. Well, one plant started growing about two years ago, someone told me what it was, but I’ve forgotten.  In typical Willow fashion, I said, “Let it grow and we’ll see what it turns into.”  What it turned into, dear reader, is a delightful (to me), five foot tall, very interesting plant.  And now I have a mini forest of them at the end of my driveway next to what my neighbor calls a “butterfly bush”.  I’ve also let the grass grow tall there because this particular style of grass looks spectacular when it has grown tall. I think the whole end of my driveway is pretty awesome. Even the broken down car — which belongs to my tenant — doesn’t really detract from the “rustic” feel of it.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my driveway. Enjoy.

driveway plants2

This ^^^ is the right end of my driveway. Notice that we’ve cut down the tall grass behind these… (as seen in this photo).  We had to for… reasons. 🙂

driveway plants

Also the end of the driveway but to the right.  I do love the view of the mountains, even if if it comes with a view of the pump house and highway.  I’m just glad I got a picture without cars. Ha! I also love this grass. It looks like miniature bamboo. To get perspective, dear reader, I am 5’5″, (~1.63 m) and those plants are as tall as I am. I think they’re interesting. Not pretty, but interesting. The bees seem to like them too.

One more picture. I made this one monotone because I wanted to give it a gritty feel.

car and weeds

Same grass, same plants, but a different point of view. That’s my tenant’s broken down car. 🙂  I’m so glad I don’t live anywhere near an HOA because that car’s been sitting there for over a year and no one can say anything to me about it.  It’s not leaking or anything (yet) so I’m okay with it being there. But if we lived in a complex with an HOA we’da had to get rid of not only my beautiful tall grass and interesting plants, but the car would have had to have been towed away within the week it broke down. And that, dear reader, is why I avoid HOA (Homeowner Associations for those who don’t know) like the plague. But don’t let me get started on that particular subject. Nope. I could go for days.  Just… enjoy my pictures. ^_^

6 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

  1. purpleslob

    I didn’t see the car till the monotone pic.
    Those plants R interesting!! I hate HOAs too!! They are the devil!! Embeecee’s name, “Hindrance Of (All Things) Artistic”” is perfect!!


  2. Embeecee

    You’re quite right about the HOA. “Hindrance Of (All Things) Artistic” is my private name for mine. If your tenant doesn’t know what to do with the car, and you want it gone, try contacting your local Kidney or Heart Foundation. Maybe the Diabetes people. In Utah there’s a whole rift of them…you donate the car (maybe get a receipt for tax purposes if it’s important, or the fact that it was a charitable contribution)…the foundation hauls the carcass away and I suppose has it recycled, and all is well. Just a thought for the future maybe. I find your plants and grass combo very appealing.

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    1. Willow Post author

      My dad used to live in a complex with an HOA, he called them “yard Nazis” and bitched about them all of the time. I’ve gone out of my way and back again to avoid living anywhere that had an HOA because if I own a piece of land, ain’t no committee gonna tell me how tall to grow my grass.

      As for the car, so long as it’s not leaking, I’m okay with it. I’ll pass on the info though. It may be useful for her.


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