Sharing My World (a tad late this week)

drama of willow

Photoshop. 🙂

What would you name the autobiography of your life? Hmmm, that’s a tough one, because titles are hard.  Depends on which why I go with the autobiography I suppose. I mean would it be a “tell all” where I dish the dirt on everyone and everything in my family? I mean, everyone loves a good gossip, even if no one famous is involved.  When I was getting divorced, I was also attending a business school and my classmates eagerly awaited the newest installment of the Drama of Willow.  It was a soap opera y’all a genuine soap opera.  Shenanigans went on that people only saw on television, and people who weren’t there might think I was making all of that stuff up. Because truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction.  Y’all have no idea. Whenever Judge Judy says something along the lines of “If it doesn’t make sense then it’s not true.” I shake my head and think, She doesn’t get out much, does she?  Because there’s a whole lot of things that go on in this world that just don’t make sense. I know, because I lived through a bunch of shit that didn’t make a lick of sense. I suppose it made sense at the time.

Anyway, a title… maybe the same as the motto of this blog: Because Why Not? It seems to cover a lot of bases.

Which do you prefer sweet, salty or buttery? I’m not a huge fan of buttery. I like butter on things like popcorn, but within reason. I like things like caramel (sweet and buttery) but again, within reason.  I like salt on popcorn – so salty and buttery.  I also like to toss in M&M candies into hot, salted and buttered popcorn to get all three tastes.  Mmmm melted chocolate with salt and butter. Yum. The candied shell of the M&M’s keeps the chocolate neatly inside of the candy so there isn’t a big mess.  I do like to mix salt and sweet – so I am a huge fan of chocolate on pretzels or potato chips. I like trail mix with salty peanuts and raisins or candied cranberries.


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I can do without the buttery though. I mean, I don’t mind buttery. A grilled cheese sandwich wouldn’t taste the same without butter, you know? And I make my eggs with butter, but that’s not the same as “buttery”.  Caramel is buttery, and while I like caramel, it’s probably the only buttery thing I enjoy. Buttery things make my tummy feel icky. So I leave them alone for the most part. I actually tend to eat my popcorn without the butter if I can — it’s hard to buy microwave popcorn without some kind of butter. I suppose I could pop my own, but who wants to do that? hahaha!

collage graduete

And an English Major to boot

What’s the finest education? Now, see, there’s a difference between the finest education and the best education. The finest education would be the best money could buy — like the most expensive and well made clothing would be the finest clothing that money could buy.  So in order to be the finest education, it would have to be a good education, well tailored to the student’s needs, with the best teachers and tutors (of course), and one where the student comes out having learned what they set out to learn.  Would they have learned what they needed to learn? Maybe. Maybe not. As I’ve said before, I know a lot of street stupid people with the title of “doctor” and who have a lot letters after their names.  But, they might not have a lot of street smarts, yet one of them might invent the next “great thing” or cure cancer, or sumthin’… and I sure as hell won’t be doing anything like that. So… yeah…  They may not have had the “best” education when it comes to life lessons, but they certainly did have a fine — if not the finest — education.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. So I was playing Skyrim the other day and walked through the volcanic tundra area of the map. I don’t go to this area often because it’s populated with giants, hagravens, dragons, and whatnot, but I decided to go there this time just because.  I’m determined to explore more in this game. And I’m glad I did. We cleaned out a bunch of vermin who attacked us and decided to rest for a moment.  As with the rest of the Skyrim world, it’s actually quite beautiful there. Just as beautiful as in the forested areas. The flame lady in the picture was one of the minions called for the aforementioned battle.

flame goddess

The green water is because these are sulfuric pools of water (I suppose). This is an area of geysers and hot springs. There’s a place in this area where NPCs will lay down in these lakes and soak. The player character can too, as can anyone following them. But this area is a bit further into the volcanic tundra. Skyrim really is a beautiful game. I can’t believe I’m still enjoying it after all of this time.

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  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I can’t seem to find the time to play anything anymore. I think it’s a phase I’m going through. Life is just so in my face right now and not necessarily in a bad way. Still, it’s a difficult time for me for writing fiction or playing at fiction. Reality is so REAL.


  2. Embeecee

    That answer to the “finest education” was BRILLIANT. And what I was trying to say, but I just couldn’t put it into words. You did, and with flair and aplomb too!! *bowing in your direction – saying “I’m not worthy” over and over…. 😀


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