You know what I like about computers, dear reader?  The fact that with very little effort, I can change the size of the text on the screen to make it more easily read.  And with just as little effort, I can change the light emitting from the screen in case I have a migraine or any other kind of light-sensitive headache.  I have this program called f.lux that allows me to adjust the light settings and it’s wonderful. Especially when I have a migraine. It’s not so great if I want to mess around in Photoshop when I have a migraine, but one cannot have everything, right? ^_^

Speaking of Photoshop… I took this screenshot of my current character in Skyrim the other day:

darkdark elf

And I thought, Damn, that’ll be fun to play with in Photoshop.  I was so right too. The reason why she’s black all over is because she has a spell on her called “ebony skin”. It’s meant to protect her during battle. The bright light above her is a healing spell that follows her and heals her so long as she’s in combat. I think it’s called “king’s heart”, but I can’t remember. In this shot, there are enemies close by which triggered the spells ’round about the time I was taking the screenshot. I don’t know if y’all can see it, but her eyes are red, which looked pretty damned awesome in the game.  This is what she looks like de-spelled:


I was going for “delicate feminine flower” ^_^

She is what the game calls “Dunmer” or dark elf, which is why her eyes are red and her skin is blue. Anyway, I messed around a bit in Photoshop with the above (first) picture and came up with this:

dark dark elf

I love the render light effects setting in Photoshop. It’s pretty cool. It let me set the focus of the light to that point above her shoulder, and that made a huge difference in this picture.

On to other things… I’m in a weird state of flux health-wise right now. It’s like, I’m feeling better and worse at the same time. Like, I suddenly want to do things I haven’t done in years, but I don’t have the energy to do them anymore. I get started on a project and peter out halfway through. I’m still puttering through — slowly, but it’s kinda frustrating. I’ve got the drive, but not the energy. I guess being dormant for a few years has taken its toll on me.  Of course all of the underlying conditions that have made me dormant are still there too, so there’s that. It’s not like I’m out trying to run marathons though, I just want to do things like… sew, or clean the neglected bits of my house, or you know, walk to my mailbox every day. I used to do that you know. But even that seems to be beyond my capabilities at the moment. blah blah blah, pity party over.


Some days are still like this.

On to other things…  I have this strange habit, dear reader — every five or so years, I get this yearning to learn how to sew. Like sew by hand. I want to know everything there is to know about it. How the people made clothing before sewing machines, &c… and I delve deep in research and so on. I want to do it! And every five years or so, I start attempting to make little things (Okay, I lied, I’m a go big or go home kinda person). And when that gets to be too much, because sewing by hand is not easy, I get frustrated and put it all away, only to have the cycle repeat itself in five years or so. In case you haven’t picked up what I’m putting down, that bug has bit me again… >_< I just dropped an insane amount of money on books and supplies for sewing, and I have a small project — really, it’s small this time — sitting half finished on the table next to me. I will finish it! I will. It’s just sitting there… mocking me. ^_^ By machine, it would have taken about maybe an hour to put together. By hand? It took a day to half-finish. hahahaha! I still have to get my stitches small enough to be sturdy enough to hold. I know they don’t have to be as tiny as machine stitches, but mine are still too big and too loose.

life skill

I like this picture. 🙂

And, that’s all I have energy to write about today. I had a migraine earlier, but it’s finally gone. Thank goodness. So long as I don’t do anything crazy like go outside in the bright sun, it should stay away for the rest of the day.

5 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I tried to sew. I DID sew, but really badly. The kind of badly that’s so pathetic people are really nice about it, as in “Oh, dear, you must have made that yourself?”

    That is NOT a compliment.


  2. Embeecee

    Bravo for the hand sewing!! I want to learn that TOO, and this is one of those “geez I wish I lived closer to and personally knew *insert blogger who has likes that match one’s own*” moments. I’ll be looking for pictures of the finished product, because even if you think it’s not up to your standards, I BET it’ll be great! 🙂


    1. Willow Post author

      I’m pretty good at machine sewing since I’ve been doing that for decades, but sewing by hand it a whole ‘nother ball game. ^_^ It takes practice, practice and more practice to get it right. I learned how when I was a kid, but I have to relearn some things every time. My aunt, who taught me, was a stickler for making things look neat, and I’m kind of a perfectionist about it too. I *hate* crooked stitches. Hate them. But I can’t sew a straight line… yet. Even if I draw one out. It’s weird. >_< Still, I guess that comes with practice. Ha!

      I'll finish my project soon… and post pictures even if it's wonky.


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