The world moves on

Yesterday I chatted with a friend of mine about all of the stuff and nonsense that’s going on around us — political and otherwise.  She and I haven’t chatted in a while and I was glad to talk to her again. We have different worldviews about many things, but we’re of the type to agree to disagree and that’s why we remain friends. We also agree on many things, so that helps. ^_^


Nuclear drill poster

Anyway, this isn’t the first time that I’ve watched the people around me clutch their pearls and bemoan the end of times. I have friends on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to many things. I’m young enough to remember nuclear “drills” in school — right along with fire drills and earthquake drills. Like hiding under the desk was going to save us. But that’s what we did. They also told us to hide in ditches if we were outside should we see a mushroom cloud (the wave would wash over the ditch, right?… yeah). Of course, this was when I was way young, but I remember it clearly.  And during my childhood, we were very aware of the fact that there was a war going on “over there” – Vietnam. Again, that was when I was young.  Still, kids are aware of a lot more than adults give them credit for. There were protests everywhere. My dad was in the Navy, and my mom hated the war. It led to a lot of discord between them, and I’m guessing their inevitable divorce.

This was also the time just after the “baby boom” — my mother is a product of the baby boom, and we came on the tail end (or just after). So the baby boomers were having babies and there were all kinds of doomsayers proclaiming the end of days because we were “overpopulating” the world and would soon run out of resources. My mother herself chastised me for having four children — while she herself had five… hypocritical much? — for that very reason. And we are now in in a state of negative growth in the United States.

population US

But forty years ago, if you listened to anyone talking, you’da thought we’d all be paying through the nose for food because there wouldn’t be any food. We’d have eaten ourselves out of house and home by now. And killed all of the animals off — because we humans are stupid like that. I guess. Except we’re not.

Because for all of the pearl clutching and dire predictions, I know that we as a species are pretty adaptable. We — humankind — are fairly smart and we are pretty good at surviving. I look around me and I see good people. I’m pretty sure that most of the people who are reading this blog are good people, and I’ll bet if you, dear reader, look around, then you will see that you, yourself are surrounded by people you consider friends. And those friends are probably nice — otherwise they wouldn’t be friends, right? And so the circle spreads. Of course I know that there are some pretty awful people in the world, some might even be within our circles. I mean, that’s obvious. One cannot have good without bad. But for the most part, the world is filled with ordinary and generally good people.


Listen to Mr. Rogers

Most people, like me — and I’m guessing like you, dear reader — just want to go about their daily lives with as little fuss as possible.

The world will go on, dear reader. It always does. Whether it moves along the way we want it to, that remains to be seen. There will always be good in the world — always.  I have no doubt of that. Just as I know that our little green planet will always be filled with humans who are neither extremely good nor wholly evil. They are simply… people. And it’s because of that that I’ve never lost my faith in humanity. I think we’ll survive a little longer, because we are, as a whole, a pretty smart species.

7 thoughts on “The world moves on

  1. Abigail

    There have been many doomsday predictions through history because there have been many periods of turmoil through history. I think most generations believe that the end of times are upon us because each generation has its glaringly obvious and relatively severe troubles.

    For a minor example, consider how parents and some educators curse Common Core in the U.S. for ruining the reading and writing abilities of students when, in fact, these skills suffered decades before. We will often see the distress of our day as bigger than the distress of the past because we adopt an idealistic view of the past, calling it “the good old days.”

    I agree that while humans may create much harm, we also have the potential, often exercised, to do much good. I studied population growth in one chapter of geography last year and met with two main opinions about it: one, Malthus’, believed that population, which grows exponentionally, would outgrow food production, which grows linearly; the other, Boserup’s, believed that as population grows, so will the ability to produce more food. Society develops new techniques to yield greater crops or to make the most use of what crops we already have.

    As you asserted, humans are smart. In addition, I’ve always believed that the world contains more good people than bad people. The Mr. Roger’s quote is one of my favorites.


  2. purpleslob

    I’m not ignoring the rest of the world out of callousness. But I cannot worry about them for my own peace of mind. I can only help those people within my reach . THIS!!
    WE can agree to disagree without losing our friendship. I like that!!


    1. Willow Post author

      Agreeing to disagree makes for the best friendships. In my humble opinion. It’s those who insist that their friends agree with everything they say who have shallow friends. ^_^ Unfortunately, I see that a lot, and then people wonder why they’re so lonely. :-/


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    I don’t think it’s the end of times at least in part because I simply don’t BELIEVE in that whole line of thought. But I think we are seriously damaging the earth, especially our water. There are a lot of places in the world where getting drinkable water is harder and harder. It may not affect you or me, but ask the folks in Flint how they feel about it.

    The lack of potable water IS effectively the end of times. But it will affect different parts of the world at different times. This isn’t going to be a simple “suddenly it’s over” kind of event. A lot of things will close down. One thing at a time. On various continents. And endless drought one place, endless flooding in another. Putrid water in a third. Did you notice that China decided to deal with climate change, bad air, and water? It’s nice that somewhere they are paying attention.

    The earth is not a faucet. Turn it on, turn it off. It’s not that simple or that neat. There are going to be a lot of weird things happening in many places, most of which we will be able to ignore because they aren’t in OUR backyard — and that’s what counts, right?

    I’m not surprised we are in a downward population spiral. Kids are marrying late and many are not marrying at all. And many are having just one or no children. Salaries for the middle and lower middle classes have been dropping since the 1970s. As the rich get richer, the rest of us get poorer and that isn’t conducive to producing big families. At least not as long as birth control is legal.

    We can still — I believe — turn it around, but it would be nice if we at least tried.


    1. Willow Post author

      This is the difference in our worldview. I think people are trying. We are. People are paying attention, and people are making a difference. Simply because the current US government is bad, doesn’t mean the entirety of USA is bad. People like me, and you are making a difference, and that’s what counts.

      I can’t help the people on other continents because they are beyond my reach, but I can help the people in my backyard. I’m not ignoring the rest of the world out of callousness. But I cannot worry about them for my own peace of mind. I can only help those people within my reach and let the rest of the world worry about themselves. It really is as simple as that.

      Also, the world will go on long after we as a species dies out. I have no doubt of that. And I’m totally cool with it.


  4. Melanie B Cee

    Excellent. I’m perhaps a ‘pearl clutcher’ ‘cept I don’t really think it’s end of times. It might be building up to an ugly future, but I doubt it’s really THE END. In my religion there’s an amount of time before the end comes anyway, in which we’re told lots and lots of catastrophes, wars, natural disasters and such will occur. Given what IS happening around the globe, many pearl clutchers in my particular religion (no rosaries) are moaning and wailing. Me? I remember something I was told which comforts me personally and that was “Man knows NOT God’s mind and His ways and time are not man’s ways nor time”. We don’t have a clue really. So just keeping on and doing the best we can and being SENSIBLE are really the best remedies for a case of the dire flu.. 🙂

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    1. Willow Post author

      One of the good things about being an avid reader of older books is that I’ve seen this all before — different people, different time, different circumstances but same reactions. Even as far back as Ancient Egypt and Rome — if the translations are correct — there were people who were convinced that the world was coming to an end. Since that was a good while ago and the world has not yet ended, I’m kinda sure that it’s not gonna. Not today anyway. And if it *does*, well worrying about it won’t stop it.


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