So, I dunno what this means exactly, but if one goes to Google right now (July 20, 2018 about 1:22 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time), and types in the word “idiot” in the search bar for images, they will get this:


Just thought I’d share.

Edited to add:

So apparently it’s called Google bombing, and this time it was started by Reddit users. People upvote and favorite pictures and articles that they want Google to display (in this case Trump = idiot) and it will flood the image section with what images they want. Here’s the wiki.

4 thoughts on “Googled

  1. Melanie B Cee

    I ain’t surprised. I am AMUSED, but not at all surprised. That idiot is the biggest idiot to come down the pike for years and years. “Stable genius??” BWAHAHAHHAHAH!!



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