Photoshop shenanigans

I found another picture to play with for Cee’s Black and White challenge.. this week was signs.  Of course in looking for it, I found a bunch of others that I said, “Oh, that would be fun to tweak.” so I did. So instead of putting this as an entry into her challenge, I’m gonna just torture y’all with them here. Y’all have been warned. BTW the challenge can be found here, check it out, people take nice pictures.

So here is the picture I found. I knew I had a bunch more pictures with signs in them. There a ton of signs like this all over Skyrim for those who don’t fast travel. I use them all of the time. I do fast travel upon occasion, unless I have a mod that disables it (like this playthrough) but I love these signs.

signs original

As you can see, this is one of the games where my snow was blue. ^_^ I’ve since worked out what was causing that, but it did make for interesting screenshots. Because I planned to make this a black and white picture, the color of the snow really didn’t matter, but I did desaturate the photo beforehand. It helped a lot. Here’s what I came up with:


I didn’t add any of the falling snow, It was already there. The only thing I changed was the light and where it pointed.  It’s supposed to be the middle of the night after all. I think I made the lantern a little too bright, but she’s also holding a torch in her hand (which is why it’s so bright to the left). Anyway, I like how it turned out.

The other picture I found was this one, which I didn’t exactly turn to black and white, but I wanted to give it a more moody feel. I came upon this blacksmith working one dark, rainy night and really liked how it looked, so I took a screenshot.


Original Picture

But the in-game night filter made everything brown and the blocky thing on the roof is an LOD (level of detail) artifact that hadn’t disappeared when I took the picture. The LOD’s are big when far away and smaller when closer, you see. I am trying to learn the rendering light tool and it’s still touch and go. I couldn’t get this one to behave. It was supposed to be a dim yellow, but it always came out bright white. I also added rain, but I can’t really see it…

working late


And then there was this picture that I thought would be interesting to play with.


The thing with this picture is that it’s very bright, and it’s supposed to be during a snowstorm. The sky should be grey and foreboding. And the fire should be warm and welcoming. But instead it’s just… white. So I tried to make more interesting. I added snow, some more trees, and fiddled with the lights.  I also fixed the shield where her arm is clipping through it because that bothered me. ^_^

campfire kitty

And that’s it. Photoshop is fun to play with. I’m learning new things every day. I haven’t mastered it by a long shot, but yeah… It’s a good way to pass a few hours.


8 thoughts on “Photoshop shenanigans

  1. purpleslob

    I wish I felt confident enough in my blogging and tech abilities to even start with photoshop!! I still dont know to take a screen shot, except to snap a pic with my phone of the screen!

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    1. Willow Post author

      There should be two rows of three buttons between your alphabetical keypad and your numerical keypad on a standard keyboard (above the arrow keys). The Ins, Home, and PgUp buttons and under those are the Del, End and PgDn buttons. Above those two rows, are three other buttons and those are the PrtSc, Scroll Lock, and Pause Break buttons. The Prtsc button is the Print Screen button. Push that and it takes a screenshot of whatever is on your screen.

      This is assuming you have Windows of course.

      Windows always comes with Paint installed. Always. It’s under Accessories. You can paste any screenshot in Paint and save it in whatever format you like.

      That’s the easiest way to take a screenshot in windows. ^_^ If you have a Mac… I can’t help you. I’ve never used one.

      Edited for clarity


  2. Melanie B Cee

    Fabulous ‘remakes’…I liked the look of the smithy especially. So much more clarity! And you can always mask the bright white if you don’t like it, and paint it a more yellow tone if you want to. More playing with Photoshop…:D Thanks for sharing these lovely pics!!

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    1. Willow Post author

      I’m glad you liked them. I get to a point with a picture where if I fiddle with it more, it just starts to look… weird. That’s where I stop. I might play with the blacksmith picture another day, but I’m okay with it for now — even with the white light. ^_^


  3. Abigail

    I love the glow that you added to the second photo. I couldn’t see the house very well in the original, and your modification helped bring it out of the shadows. The last one is cool, too. I wouldn’t have guessed from the original that it was supposed to be dark and snowy. My sister would enjoy learning and playing with Photoshop; she’s an artist who lends her skills to help me edit photos for my blog. Photoshop would be fun to learn, but the price scares me away. I’m not THAT interested in it…

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    1. Willow Post author

      I pay the yearly price of… i think it’s $99? That’s fairly cheap when it comes to hobbies. ^_^ Don’t quote me on that price though. I’m awful with numbers. But considering what I drop on yarn and/or cloth in a year, that’s a bargain!

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