mumble mumble mumble


Weather right now (8AM)

I noticed yesterday when commenting on other people’s blogs that it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged myself, so I reminded myself to write a blog post today. It’s not that I don’t want to write, I do. Writing is integral to my continuing sanity… I’ve just been too tired to string words together and form coherent sentences. These fatigue flares come and go, but I get them pretty bad when the weather changes. And it doesn’t matter if it’s going from hot to cold or visa versa. Whenever the weather changes abruptly, my body just says, “Yeah, I don’t like that.” and kind of shuts down to emergency power. It’s way worse right now when our weather can’t make up its mind if it’s Summer or not. Like last week it was it was in the 60’s (F), and now it’s supposed to be somewhere in the 90’s (F). Not to mention that most of the year, it’s dry around here but in the summer, it’s flipping humid. So that’s a shock to my system too.

All that to say… I’m tired. Blah. And the weather only plays a part in the reason why I’m tired. If my stupid body would stop waging war against me, I wouldn’t be so exhausted. You know? But I’m trying, dear reader, I’m trying.  ^_^

poptart lap

laptime for Poptart

Yesterday, the furbabies got their claws trimmed. I have a nice lady who comes to my home once a week and takes the dogs for a walk. Once a month, the same lady and I sit down and trim all of the pets’ claws. But for one reason or another, we had to put it off last month, so they were all overdue for a trim. Poptart, my Chihuahua mix does not like to have his claws trimmed at all. We have to muzzle him and wrap him up in a blanket and poke one paw out at a time to get it done, and even then he can be quite a handful. Who knew that such a small dog could be so strong? O_o  He’s come a long way though. He doesn’t actually try and bite us anymore. We still muzzle him though, just in case, and it takes way less time than it used to. The first time we cut his nails, we had to give up halfway through because he was being so fiesty, even with the muzzle. I think he’s learned that we’re not actually hurting him. He still doesn’t like getting his claws done, but he’s getting way better at letting us do them. So we finally finished with him, he got his treat and then we did Cocoa.

cocoa sleeping


Cocoa is a Corgi mix, and he’s usually generally chill about getting his claws trimmed, even though he doesn’t particularly like it. He’s usually chill about pretty much everything really.  We still have to hold him down though, because he will try and get up and passively walk away. Like: I’m not going to make a big deal out of this, but I don’t like it. So I’ll be going now. Buh-bye. ^_^  Generally, with Cocoa, he’ll sit (or lie) still until the last paw, then he start acting up. He’s just over our shenanigans by that point. But he claws had gotten way too long for us to let him go another day, let alone another month.  So, sorry buddy, you were getting done whether you liked it or not. Luckily, with Cocoa, there’s little chance of getting bit. He just kind of looks up at me and tries to make me feel guilty for putting him through it all. Cocoa is a lot like a toddler.



Then we did Brandy… Brandy is cattle-dog mix, and she used to be like Cocoa but with more… anxiety I guess you would say. Brandy has always been an anxious dog, since the moment we’ve brought her home. We can’t even comb her without her shaking in fear, even after five years, she still shakes. though she’s calmed down and doesn’t cower on the floor whenever we get out the brush, so… progress? But we have to clip her nails even if it makes her anxious. I mean there are some things, dear reader, that must be done. And clipping the claws of your pet, even if they don’t like it, that has to be done. For some reason, Brandy got particularly anxious about her nail grooming, and it took a couple of tries to do her nails. There’s a hold that normally will keep a dog down with little effort,  but she got out if pretty easily. She totally didn’t want to be trimmed. But, as with Cocoa, she couldn’t go another day, let alone another month without getting trimmed. So after a couple more tries, we got it done. But let me tell you something, dear reader, reminding a dog who the boss of the house is can be exhausting. Worry not, dear reader, I don’t raise my hand to my dogs, but I got my point across, and she got her nails trimmed.


My Mister

Mister, the cat — contrary to most people’s expectations — is the easiest of them all. He just sits on my lap and grumbles about it, but doesn’t try to run away or pull his feet back. He just grumbles, growls, gets his treat, and leaves with dignity. Well, as much dignity as an old, fat cat can muster. He’s always been easy to trim, so long as I hold him. I can’t trim his nails myself because he pulls his feet back if I do it. But if I hold him, he’ll let someone else do it.  It’s the same when we go to the vet, if I’m standing next to the table and petting him, the vet can pretty much do whatever they need to do, take his temp, give him a shot, feel his belly… whatever. But the minute they take him to the “other room” to do anything, he turns into a “typical cat” and starts hissing, growling, swatting, and biting. There was one vet office where the nurses were terrified of Mister. They actually sedated him for everything. We didn’t stay with that vet long. I mean… come on. He’s a cat. Yeah, he’s a 20 pound cat, but he’s a cat. And he’s never bitten me. No other vet seems to have problem with him. Anyway, he got his nails trimmed too. We save him for last because he’s the easiest. ^_^



Still, at the end of it all, I was done for the day. I totally meant to write a blog post yesterday but yeah… My nice lady showed up at 10AM for pet grooming and dog walking and she left around noonish, if I remember correctly. We did the grooming first. I think next time, we’ll do the walking first. ^_^ Maybe work some of the anxiety out. Ha! I’m still tired today and my muscles are sore from holding all of the dogs down yesterday. But I’m glad we got it done.  I guess y’all might ask why I don’t just take them to a groomer rather than have one come here… Well, it would be a lot more hassle for me to — make an appointment (and… shudder… go out into the world), pack all four pets up into a car, drive them to a groomer, drag them out of the car, into the groomer’s place,  deal with the receptionist — paying, chit chatting, dealing with other customers, keeping an eye on the pets et al… — drive back home, wait for them to be done, drive back to the groomer, get the pets, put them back into the car, and drive home. Way too much hassle. It’s a lot easier having someone come to my house and trim their nails, even if I need to help them do it.

So this ramble turned into a discourse about my day yesterday. Ah well, it’s better than silence I suppose. I’ll try not to let too much time lapse before the next blog post, but damned if I’m not schlepping through life under water right now — that’s what it feels like anyway. Stupid body.


5 thoughts on “mumble mumble mumble

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Our dogs are all in a dominance battle which actually means a lot of peeing and poohing to make every OTHER dog recognize them as the dominant dog. All except Duke he is absolutely completely housebroken. I have had this happen with other dogs and it’s murder to get it to stop. I’ve got three dogs that all want to be dominant. They don’t fight. They just PEE. Or poop. At least they do it on hard floors so I can relatively easily clean it up, but it is frustrating because I can’t sit them down and explain to them that it DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS THE DOMINANT DOG. They will all get dinner and petting and treats. Meanwhile, until they settle down and give up the contest, I’m in continuous cleaning mode.

    I’ve been having a bad week since two weeks ago. But since I’m the one who is in charge, I’ve been pushing myself to just get everything done. I think I’m too old to be me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abigail

      Your last line made me smile: “I think I’m too old to be me!”

      My family has just one dog, a six-pound Bichon-poodle mix named Brodie who lives under the delusion of being much bigger than he is. A neighbor of ours owns three Great Danes who Brodie challenges every time we pass. Fortunately for him those dogs just stand in their front yard and bark at him, otherwise he would be destroyed. He doesn’t want the spot as dominant dog per se, but he certainly wants to be top dog at home. Sometimes we wonder if he knows that he’s a dog and not a human…


    2. Willow Post author

      We went through that when we got Poptart, and we have wall to wall carpet. One of them is still leaving packages on the floor from time to time, but we haven’t caught the culprit (I’m pretty sure it’s Poptart). We’ll be replacing the carpet here pretty soon, I reckon.


  2. Abigail

    Your pets sound like little balls of trouble and sweetness! We send my dog, a Bichon-poodle mix named Brodie, to a groomer for his nails, but I imagine he would act like your Chihuahua mix Poptart if we tried at home, judging by the trouble he makes with eyedrops. I love Mister’ s personality! He sounds like a typical cat. They’re rather haughty creatures, you know?

    Thanks for the laughs!


    1. Willow Post author

      Most of the time, they’re fairly well behaved. Most of the time. Since I’ve been sick, I haven’t been training them like I should. I need to start again. They have awful manners now because of lack of training. *sigh* Can’t blame the dogs…

      Liked by 1 person


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