grumble grumble

lolcatengineerOkay, so I got an email this morning that informed me of impending changes in the way WordPress will be sharing my posts with my Facespace… The email says that if I want to continue sharing my posts from my WordPress account to my Facespace account, I have to convert my Facebook profile into a Facebook page… Here’s the difference according to Facebook.  Which, it has to be said, is just some downright shenanigans on both parts. I mean, WTF, WordPress? Why? I dunno.  But both WordPress and Facebook are pushing people towards having a page and not a profile. Advertising, I guess. Of course WordPress puts this entirely on Facebook’s plate saying:

While Facebook says it is introducing this change to improve their platform and prevent the misuse of personal profiles, we believe that eliminating cross-posting from WordPress is another step back in Facebook’s support of the open web, especially since it affects people’s ability to interact with their network (unless they’re willing to pay for visibility) We know that this might cause a disruption in the way you and your Facebook followers interact…

… and offering to “listen” on their community page. For what that’s worth. Whatever. It’s not a huge deal to convert my Facespace to a page, but it will be a hassle that I could do without. I’m pretty sure I can still have a private page — I hope. I still need to do a little research.

doohickeySo, why am I telling you all of this, dear reader? Well, because I know some of you get my blogs exclusively through my Facespace.  Which means I may or may not be converting my Facespace profile to a page here in the near future. According to this article, it should be a seamless transition, but we’ll see.  I just thought I’d let y’all know that if I do add a page and ask you go join it won’t be because I’m doing the whole, “I’m changing my profile! because… reasons!” again.  I totally wouldn’t be doing because I want to, but because it is (in this case) a necessary evil. Even though this is a personal blog and my Facebook is a personal space, I suppose I would be okay with making this transition because I know that not everyone is comfortable with getting a WordPress account just to read and comment on my ramblings.  However, if I can’t have a private page (because the whole point of having a page is to “widen your audience”) then you, dear Facebook reader, will most likely no longer see these blog posts come August 1, 2018.  My privacy is something I hold dear, and I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to give it up. This is something I will have to think on… I suppose we’ll see soon.

weinerSo that’s my tidbit for today. Yesterday, Doug and I went out and about and drove to Everett (about an hour and a half) to get hotdogs for lunch.  There’s a Wienerschnitzel in Everett and it’s the only one around, so we packed up the dogs and took a mini road trip.  Not that they’re the “best hot dogs eveh!” but hey, it gave us a destination and we have fallen into something of a rut. So yeah, we went there, ate lunch and drove back.  It was fun. The dogs seemed to enjoy getting out of the house too — even if it was just to get into the car. We had to implement the harness and safety leads since we adopted Poptart. He will not stay in the back seat. Brandy and Cocoa will, but not Poptart. The first time I had him in the car unleashed I was concerned he would go out the window! O_o. Not a concern I had with the other two, but you never know with new dogs (as he was at the time) So they all three have harnesses and are clipped into the seatbelts.  Better safe than sorry.  It’s a little crowded in the back seat, but they all have room to lay down if they want with room to spare. Anyway, we passed by a lot of ranches and farms, so tons of new smells for them to get excited about. Plus, hot dogs… ^_^  As fun as that was though, it’s been a while since I’ve driven anywhere aside from around town, especially in hot weather, so yeah. I’m tired today. It’s supposed to be hotter today than it was yesterday, but cooler tomorrow. Here’s to cooler weather!

4 thoughts on “grumble grumble

  1. Melanie B Cee

    I stopped sharing on my Facespace because some of my writing isn’t, ah, seemly for certain people I’m friends with over there AND FB and WP don’t and have never (apparently) gotten on well. There was always FUBARing going on with one or the other.

    I have a FB PAGE, and mainly all I ever do is add some cartoons and change the banner and profile pic. It should be easy-peasy to get yourself one, and you don’t really have to do anything with it, although you will get a shite-ton of crap from them saying things like “IMPROVE YOUR EXPERIENCE” and asking you highly personal questions (well they were highly personal TO ME)..I declined to answer most of them, and picked my occupation as “employed at RETIRED and DISABLED”. Those idiots at FB don’t read for content either, because I’ll get a question now and then about my experiences with “Retired and Disabled” and do they have health insurance (that last was for humor’s sake…) Good luck and I’ll look for my invite “in the mail’ 😉

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    1. Willow Post author

      I had a Facebook page that was separate from my facebook profile. A friend of mine and I started it a while ago — we shared things we found over the internet, and it was a public page. I’ve since closed it down because it was too much effort to keep “fresh”… I totally don’t want to create a page like that just to share my ramblings on WordPress. Jeez. That’s just ridiculous.


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    Nope. No page for me. I’ve had a page on Facebook (for dolls, which I collected at the time) and I hated it. You also can’t get rid of pages. They linger on forever, no matter how many times you try to delete it. I’m not a business. I don’t make money from blogging. I’ll go back to individually popping links to posts on Facebook.

    Facebook has sold my data to Cambridge Analytica which got me hacked and my identity was stolen. They are NOT getting anything more from me. Frankly, if this gets much more difficult, everyone is going to see a lot less of me. I’m not doing this as a business and I refuse to be forced into making it a business.


  3. purpleslob

    Ok, I’m kinda lost. You can’t post to FB anymore unless you have a page, separate from your profile?
    I have a purpleslob page, and I still couldn’t get to post to FB for me.
    ARGH!! I sure blogger doesn’t give me all these fits!!
    I’m working on just redirecting people by my domain. right?? lol I’m totally lost! But Stella says I CAN DO it! That remains to be seen. I went ahead and paid for 1 month, (partially successful robbery), so now my deadline is Aug 8.



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