Questions about the furbabies

Melanie over at Sparks from a Combustible Mind answered a questionnaire the other day… more of an interview from a dog to her dog from A Guy called Bloke, and she suggested that I do the same.  I tried. I really did. But I’m really bad at putting myself in the headspace of things that are not human. Like awful at it. I’m gonna give it another shot… maybe… some day.  But until then, I bring you these, alternative, questions about the furbabies — and others, if you have pets without fur! — for your answering pleasure.

Just a note: this questionnaire assumes (despite the first two questions) that you have pets and have had multiple pets. That’s why the word “pets” is used throughout. Even if you only have one pet at the moment, the questions are asking about pets past and present.

1.  Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?

2.  How long have you had your current pet(s)?

3.  What’s the longest period of time you’ve lived with a pet?

4.  What type of animals do you generally gravitate towards when adopting pets?

5.  What type of animal do you think is the easiest to care for as a pet?

6.  Do any of your pets have annoying habits that you can’t break them of?

7.  What, in your opinion, is the most difficult thing about being a pet owner?

8.  Do any of your animals have amusing traits that are particular to them?

9.  Which type of pet do you think requires the most care?

10.  Was there a furbaby that you bonded with more closely than any other?

11.  Do you spoil your pets? In what way?

12.  How do your pets react to strangers in the yard? at the door? in the house?

13.  Do you tend to anthropomorphize your animals? If so, how far do you take it? For example: Do you dress them in clothing?

14.  Have you ever had what are considered “unusual” or exotic pets?

15.  How old were you when you (or your family) adopted your first pet?

16.  What’s the most trouble you can remember a pet getting into?

17. There is no question 17. (the cat ate it)

18.  What does your relationship with your furbaby mean to you?

19.  How do your pets react when you sing and/or dance?

20. Have you ever adopted a pet and found out you didn’t get along with them? What did you do?

21.  Where do your pets sleep in relation to you? Do they have their own bed, or do you allow them to share yours?

22.  How do you come up with names for your pets?

23.  Putting aside money and sanitary issues — If you could fill your house and property with animals, what type would they be?

24.  What was the most expensive pet you’ve ever adopted?

25.  What, in your opinion, is the best thing about adopting animals into your home?


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  5. Melanie B Cee

    Questions!!! Squeee! I get it that not everyone can pretend to talk for their pet…I often think the pet(s) in question probably think the human in question is a bit nuts. Or they’re busy thinking about where the next dog or cat treat is coming from and more importantly WHEN…that sort of thing. Thanks for giving Bloke’s interview process a whirl anyway. I know it’s not for everyone. 😉


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