More Black and White

So, Doug pointed out last night that he had a perfect screenshot from his Fallout 4 game that would fit into the “chilling out” theme. A screenshot, he might add, that he’s been asking me to “fix” for him (take the HUD (Heads Up Display) elements out) for a little while. 🙂 So I did that this morning, because removing the HUD is pretty trivial, especially for Fallout 4 where they’re minimal really.

Here’s the original (with the HUD removed).

chillin with piper

And he’s right. It does fit in with the “chilling out” theme. So I fiddled with it for a while and came up with this black and white photo. I “fixed” the jacket so it wasn’t ratty — I hate that about Fallout 4, everyone’s wearing raggedity clothes. Like, why? Why would people wear clothing that’s falling apart? It’s like the developers of the game believe that people wouldn’t know how to sew after 200 years. I also cleaned up the trash on the ground (another thing that pissed me off about this game — like people would live in squalor for two centuries. Give me a break). Anyway, after doing that, I made it black and white…

chillin with piper bnw

Then… That pipe that’s just to the right of the standing character just irked me… so I took it out.  But in my haste to remove it, I forgot to do it right (make a copy of original make changes to the copy) and… well… the results are okay, but I’d have to undo everything and redo it to fix what I did wrong. >_< So this is what I came up with.

chillin with piper bnw no pipe

Anyway, that’s another bit of messing with Photoshop. And I got something done for the hubster. Don’t say I never did nuthin’ for you, Doug. ^_^


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