View from my porch

I looked up from my computer (it’s rare, but it happens) and I noticed that the light streaming in from the windows had this lovely yellow color. Now, I like yellow, but the air about me is not meant to be that color. At least not as far as I remember. So I wandered outside and lo and behold, the entire outside is the same lovely shade of yellow. I also thought it was later than it is because the sky is thick with smoke. Brought to you by our yearly bout of wildfires (some nearer than others). I snapped some pictures and came back in.

The sun is actually bright red, but that doesn’t show up on the pictures. Also, it’s really difficult to get a good picture of the sun on my phone. But I tried, and this is the best shot I could get.

smokey driveway You can’t really see the smoke down the driveway, but it’s there. This is the way my windows face, and the light is bright yellow everywhere. Also, it’s pretty warm out today. You’d think it would be cooler as dark as it is, but nope, it’s about 80 something. With all of the smoke and dry air, our grass is drier than dry in some places. In others, it’s still growing like crazy. We’re having trouble keeping up with it for real. The grass right in front of the house (inside the fence) is green and lush. and the grass behind the dry stuff you see in the picture is the same. It’s weird what grows green and what dries out.

smokey mountains
Looks like fog, but that there is smoke. They say it’ll get worse before it gets better. Today was a partially cloudy, — a bit difficult to tell what’s clouds and what’s smoke. You know? Because up here, clouds will also come and cover the mountains. But they’re usually not quite this color. ^_^ We’re supposed to get rain this weekend. Thank goodness. The rain will wash most of this smoke away. Here’s to hoping.

smokey sun
Another shot of the sun.

4 thoughts on “View from my porch

  1. Melanie B Cee

    I saw that while driving through Idaho…not the same one obviously, but the yellow sky and red sun. Weird. I hope it’s not making life too intolerable for you & the kids….


    1. Willow Post author

      It’s playing merry hell on my lungs… I’m staying inside as much as possible. The pets are wheezing a bit, but otherwise they appear to be okay.


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