Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge Statues

So, whenever I don’t have energy to do anything else, I can mess around in Photoshop. It doesn’t take much energy to do that. I only have to move my hand on the mouse and click things. I don’t have to form coherent sentences, and if I screw things up, there’s the undo button (or I can just throw the layer away… I love that about Photoshop).  Anyway, this week’s challenge is — sculptures, statues, carvings. And, as usual, I turn to my games for inspiration.  This time it’s not just Skyrim, the first one is from a game called Enderal, which is actually a game that runs through the Skyrim engine, but it’s not Skyrim.  I thought it was interesting when I played it a year ago, and I thought about playing it again soon. I hear they’ve worked out a couple of the bugs that annoyed me. Anyway, here’s the original and the monochrome:

that way original

You can barely see the statue or the player character, but with a little fiddling and some playing around, it actually looks pretty good in monochrome.

that way

Working with that sun glare was a pain in the tuckus though. 🙂

This next one is def Skyrim. It’s a whatchamacallit that pilgrims read on the way to High Hrothgar… Not a shrine… I’ll think of the name later. Anyway, here’s the before and after.

shrine54 original

Shrine… (it’s in the name of the picture). Ha! I wanted to make this one darker. It is the middle of the night, you know.  That’s one of the things I added mods for, to make the nights darker. I mean, you can barely tell it’s nighttime here except for the northern lights in the background.

shrine54 monochrome

The northern lights didn’t really make it to the monochrome though. 🙂 But I still like how this turned out.

Next… I have no idea what game this is from. The file name is “Dragonborn” but honestly I don’t remember where it’s from. I just wanted to see if I could flush out the detail of the statue in the middle. I don’t think I got too much of it, but I think it still turned out pretty good given what I had to work with.

Dragonborn original

That’s actually the original, and not the black and white. You can tell by all of the yellow. 🙂  It actually took a lot of fiddling with it to make it look any kind of good in black and white. ^_^ But I gave it the good ol’ college try.

Dragonborn monochrome

If I lightened it enough to get the statue in the middle, everything else was too washed out. But oh well, I tried.

So that’s it. There are a couple of more, but that’s all I had energy for today. I might do some more later.

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