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Melanie over at Sparks from a Combustible Mind and I share a weakness for answering questions.  I picked these up from her, and she got them from  A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!, who created this… challenge?

Maybe it’s my fatigue, but I don’t understand the whole “challenge” part of this (or any “challenge” on WordPress actually — including photo “challenges”). I mean, a challenge is supposed to be something that’s arduous and hard to do. It’s meant to push you to your limit and be… hard I suppose.  Answering questions and posting pictures isn’t exactly difficult, but they’re all marked as challenges.  I guess I’m missing the point.  But I’ll answer the questions, because I like questions.

Here’s what A Guy Called Bloke says about this challenge:

~ This challenge will be 21 questions or in truth 16 flexi questions, because there will be five permanent that must stay in place at all time.
~ But apart from those 5 permanent questions, should you choose to reblog, then you can change any of the other 16 questions or create 16 of your own, that’s down to you, however you must stick to the Daily Topic Subject.
The Rules …
1] Leave the Permanent Questions [PQ] always in place PLEASE.
2] Reblog should you so desire
3] If you do reblog, a ping back would always be welcomed so l don’t miss it.
4] This is a non tagger/non nomination game.

Daily Topic Subject – Confidence

Q1] What does confidence mean to you? I-am-who-I-want-to-be It means a lot of things. I trust in myself to do the things I need to do to get me through the day and not do damage to either myself or the world around me. I am fairly certain in my ability to do good in things the world. I trust in the people I’ve surrounded myself in to do the same. I also, however, doubt that I can go beyond certain — arbitrary — limits I’ve set around myself (and others) that have no rhyme nor reason. Trust is a fickle thing. Once broken, it’s not easily mended. Confidence is basically trust — trust in myself and others that they can be relied on.
Q2] What you do believe to be your main strengths? – I dunno. Honesty? I’m honest in most things. I’m pretty resilient (strength of character). My body is weak, but my will is strong.
Q3] What do you think are your weaknesses?  I’m lazy and I procrastinate. And even though I just said that I have a strong will, I do have certain… um… weaknesses for lack of a better word when it comes to food — like chocolate. I know it’s not good for me, but damn doesn’t it taste good?
Q4] Are you a risk taker? Define risk.  I don’t go jumping off of mountains attached to nothing but springy strings, but I’ve done a lot of things in my life that people have reacted to with shock and amazement and mutterings of:  “I would never do that.” Things like move to a strange city without a job or place to live. And I’ve done that multiple times.
PQ5] List 8 things that positively impact your confidence. I hate lists. by the truth >_<  And I hate generalities. Are we talking about my confidence in myself to get through this thing called life? I can’t even tell you.  I’m confident that I can because I just happen to have that trust in myself.  In my mind, confidence (trust in yourself and others) is like faith, one either has it or they don’t. It’s not a set of clothing that one puts on in the morning and takes off at night.  That’s a “fake it until you make it” gig. And while I’ve done that, it’s not real confidence.
Q6] Do you learn from your mistakes?  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  Depends on the mistake and the lesson that was supposed to be learned from it. Sometimes you have to repeat the same mistake in order to learn the right lesson, you know?
PQ7] List 8 things that negatively impact your confidence. See the answer to question 5.
Q8] How are you when meeting new people for the first time? Depends on whom I am meeting and why.  I mean, they’re people. They’re not gonna bite me (I hope). And unless they’re supposed to become a regular part of my life forever (like a future in-law, or boss, or something) then why am I “meeting” them in the first place? I “meet” random people every time I go out into the world, right? Every teller, sales person, bus driver, or other service person I come in contact with has been met by me, and I by them. I hope that those meeting have gone well on both sides.
Q9] If you had to address an audience and deliver a five minute speech on a subject you were passionate about – could you do it? I can and I have. I have no difficulties addressing an audience. I used to be a substitute teacher. That would have been a pretty awkward gig if I had difficulties speaking in front of people.


Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia

Q10] What is your current attitude towards politics? Same as it’s always been.  I walk down the middle of the road and watch the extremists try to do each other in. Each claiming that the other is trying to end the world as we know it.  Clutching their pearls, pointing their fingers and all in all doing the same thing they’ve been doing since the beginning of recorded time. You’d be amazed, dear reader, at how many people walk the middle path (unless you’re one of us), but there are so many people on either side too… so many.  I am constantly in awe at how blind people are to their extreme views and how short our societal memory really is.  We here in the United States are barely a toddler when it comes to being a nation, and we have the collective memory of one too. It’s amazing really.
Q11] Would you describe yourself as a confident person? As I mentioned in the first question. I trust myself to get through the day and into tomorrow. I am confident that I can do that. But I doubt myself in many things. I’m agoraphobic for example. So I’m not confident enough to face the world in general. I actually think I’m a pretty awesome person and I’ve lead a fairly interesting and amazing life. In this day and time however, I lack the trust in myself to just go out on my own and get some groceries. I can do it with my husband, but not alone… It’s not rational or logical, but there it is.
PQ12] In reference to Question 9 – if you answered yes what would be your specialist subject for five minutes’? Discuss.  I can talk about a few things.  Get me started on language and I’m all over that like white on rice — and there’s idioms. I love talking about idioms… and superstitions. Where do superstitions come from? And why do we as a society still use them and believe in them?  Also… cooking. I could talk about knitting and/or crocheting — though I’m far from a master yarn crafter. Barely a beginner even though I’ve been doing it for decades. I could talk about that — why some people plateau while others go on to master a craft. Then there’s my Dyscalculia and how it’s affected my life. I could talk about my disabilities — all of them. Comorbidity and what that means, &c… There are plenty of things I could monologue about in front of a crowd for five minutes.

Also, if you — question maker — are going to make one of your permanent questions in reference to a non permanent question, you should make the non permanent question permanent. 
Q13] How sure are you of your feelings and emotions – as in are you true to them?  Dude, I have bipolar disorder. a93a931f6a60a535d76b44eee2d941e3 I’ve had bipolar disorder for decades.  I was diagnosed at age 19, but I’m fairly sure I developed it around age 15 and went undiagnosed for a few years. I’m 52 now. Even though I am medicated at this time, I am never completely sure of my feelings and emotions.  I have a miswired brain, and I’ve learned to live with that. But now I get the added benefit of menopause. So, yay? And! if that’s not enough, I get the fibromyalgia and freaking thyroid mentally goodness to deal with too. Right now, even on medication for my bipolar, I am a cocktail of hormones and misfiring brain signals. I have to ask myself nearly all of the time, Are you reacting appropriately to this situation? Take a step back and reassess. Especially if I’m angry, upset, sad, excited, or happy.  Actually, anything higher than mildly happy or disappointed and I need to ask myself is I’m reacting appropriately. Because my brain doesn’t know how to react to every day stimuli.
Q14] How well do you cope with unexpected changes to your routines? I despise routines with a fiery hot passion that will never die. If I find myself falling into a rut, I will violently change out of it because there is nothing more boring to my mind than a routine. So — in my world — there is no such thing as an unexpected change to my routine. Last week, I had two appointments — one doctor and one plumber — and they both cancelled at the last minute. I’ve been waiting for the doctor for weeks, so I was momentarily torqued. But I got over it. I’m very much a go with the flow person.
PQ15] In reference to question 9 – and you answered no, but still had to be in front of the audience, what WOULD your confidence allow you do – explain.  I didn’t answer no, so this question is moot.
Q16] Is success important to you? Not really. I suppose it depends on how one defines “success”. As in: The one who dies with the most toys wins. Or The one who dies the healthiest, lives the longest, and has the best (biggest) house, car, spouse, whatever wins?  Because I’ve never considered that kind of success very important. I mean, what’s the use of amassing a fortune when we’re all gonna die in the end? I don’t care what someone’s family can afford to put on top of their grave — be it a wooden cross or a freaking pyramid — the grave itself is still the same size as everyone else. And in the end, we’re all going in the ground, one way or another. It’s only a matter of when and how. Why not enjoy life while we have it? I’m not gonna spend what little bit of life I have slaving away just so I can acquire… stuff. Stuff is temporary. Everything is temporary. I’m going to enjoy this moment right here and right now, and not worry about collecting anything. Not this girl.

Q17] Do you set yourself goals and are you able to achieve them within your set target periods?  No, and no.
Q18] True or false – You are Born with self-confidence? I believe that everyone is born with a certain degree of confidence in themselves and the world. Otherwise, little babies would never learn to crawl/walk/run. It takes trust in themselves and the people around them to toddle towards their first steps. It takes trust in themselves and the people around them to speak without being spoke to. It’s in these early years that this innate confidence can be shattered or built up by the caregivers of the children. After that — in my humble opinion — confidence is either something you have or you do not have.

Contrarily, I think that one can find confidence within themselves after it’s been taken by a cruel world. For example an abused person can find their broken confidence after the abuser is removed from their life. It will take time and work, but trust in the world can be reestablished (like faith in a god can be found by going to church — I’ve heard of this happening). Like I said before though, it’s not something that one can put on and take off like a jacket. It’s either there, or it’s not.
Q19] Do you believe that you cannot be successful in life if you do not have self-confidence?  I think that to find stereotypical success in life, one should have a degree of self confidence.  However, impostor syndrome is very a real phenomena. This is where someone accomplishes a great deal, and can even become quite well known and respected in their chosen field, but is convinced that they have nothing to do with their  success and that they will be exposed as the fraud they are. In other words, they lack confidence.
PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones? Nah. I see no reason to.
Q21] Do you believe people with self-confidence are all arrogant?  It-is-what-it-is There is a huge difference in having trust in yourself and being arrogant. I am confident that I can be a good person and do things to the best of my ability. But that doesn’t make me arrogant. What would make me arrogant is if I had the idea that I was the only person in the world who could get me through the day…

— No doctor is smarter than me about my body! It’s my body after all — no one knows it better than me! Ain’t no man gonna help me either; I’m gonna make it through life on my own terms! I’ll be beholdin’ to no one! Screw the patriarchy! Come to think of it, screw women too! Gotta keep these things equal. ^_^ I’m the only person who can make any decision regarding anything pertaining to me and my body!  Because I’m the one that knows best about it! Me! You hear me? Me

Yeah, that would be arrogance.  I’m totally not arrogant.

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  1. Melanie B Cee

    Rory (Bloke, Guy and the owner of K9-Doodlepip! ) is a great guy. I continue to follow him because he’s ‘like’ my people…. the ones I consider the real deal. He deals with many of the same issues that we both do…a wonky mental picture of the world (Asberger Syndrome I believe), he has some physical challenges with pain and limited mobility and best (to me) he <3s DOGS. Heh heh. He does a series called "Game On!" which involves questions and he picks a theme for these questions – like 'confidence' or 'mystery" (that one was real fun for me)…etc. So there's always something fresh to look for! 🙂 Thanks for the nod too!

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    1. Willow Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. This one took me three hours to answer. Whew! and even now I’m not completely happy with the final “product”. But I don’t like sitting on things. Oh well. I hope I get my brain back soon. :-/


  2. aguycalledbloke

    Thanks for taking part

    – a challenge isn’t always that hard to do in truth, these are just fun questions to answer, not everyone likes questions as an example, but for instance you, Melanie and a host of other bloggers including myself do 🙂

    However l can see what you are saying and will perhaps review it, l have a different take on the term challenge so maybe that needs defining 🙂

    But once again, many thanks for taking the time to play along 🙂


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    1. Willow Post author

      No problem. I like answering (and asking! I have a bunch of my own right here on my blog) questions. I tried answering your dog interview, but I have difficulties putting myself in my dogs’ heads. I might give it another go whenever this fatigue flare passes… Maybe. ^_^

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      1. aguycalledbloke

        No problem, it was a valid point Willow 🙂 I have already changed the layout for the next one because l think you are right – it’s not a challenge per se like running a marathon or even that silly ice bucket thing that did the rounds a couple of years ago, it’s a fun question game which is how it reflects now, so my thanks 🙂

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