for my ageI am going to play video games. It’s my birthday — go me! I made it through another year! — and Doug bought me this video game: House Flipper so I can clean, repair, and sell virtual houses while I wait for Skyrim to sort itself out (Bethesda updated again so the mod community has to fix what the update broke in their mods).  House Flipper is kind of relaxing… I mean, I totally don’t have the energy to deep clean my own house and certainly cannot do the reno that I want to do here, and of course I don’t have the cash needed for said renovation, but hey, I’ll totally do it virtually. Ha! Ah, if it were only as easy to do things in the real world as it is in the virtual world. I mean, I washed the dishes this morning, and that wiped me the hell out.

closer to death

One year closer to death

But enough whining! I’m off to play video games. I just wanted to post for a moment because it’s been a couple of days and I always feel guilty when I go for a few days without posting. I’m still here, dear reader. Still alive and kicking. This week has just been a bit busier than usual — stuff needs to be done, and it seems that this is the week to do it. If I had any kind of energy, I’d be okay with it all, but you know how it is… Normal, every day things are draining, then I have to recuperate for the next thing to get done.  Today, however nothing is scheduled, so I can relax and play video games. I have a plumber coming over tomorrow though, so even today I have to prepare for tomorrow (clean the bathroom out) *sigh*.

Ah well. Such is life. I’m still playing games for most of today. It shouldn’t take me too long to move the stuff out of the bathroom, and if the plumber can’t handle some dust in the corners, well, too bad for him.

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  2. Melanie B Cee

    \xF0\x9F\x8E\x82 (that SHOULD bring up the image of a birthday cake with candles. Chocolate cake of course! 😉 ) Happy Birthday sweetie! I hope it’s filled with all good things! And playing video games all day long if you want is allowed ! Heh. I snitched that cartoon up there and plan to share it on FB along with the tagline “We’re all getting CLOSER” mwahahahah… 😉


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