Virtual busy-ness

As I mentioned in my last post  I got a new video game for my birthday, so I’ve been spending a lot of time playing it. A lot of time, dear reader. It’s very relaxing, virtually cleaning and fixing up computer generated homes for imaginary cash (I have over $200K pretend cash in a non-existent bank so far).  This is something I would have done, dear reader if only my mind could comprehend the tape measure.  Foiled by Dyscalculia once again! Shaking my fist impotently at the sky gods.

So, anyway… now I can do it all virtually and with none of that physical fussing about. And it’s too funny, dear reader. One can paint walls without the laying down of tarp, taping of corners and windows, and even moving of furniture. Nope, just paint right through the furniture, easy as you please. No fuss, no muss. hahahahaha.  It is a video game after all, not meant to be realistic. But I do find that amusing.  One little thing does bug me though.  This:

paintin can

Does the paint on the wall look anything like the paint in the can (ignore the green, that’s the drywall)? The paint in the can is supposed to be something like Dusty Pink, but the paint on the wall is clearly a shade of purple… if one stretches, maybe a dark pink but it’s certainly nowhere near the color of what’s in the can. That, dear reader, is annoying.  If I bought this paint in real life, I’da taken it back to the store and demanded my money back.  Now, not all paints in the game are like this, and I know that sometimes you can’t know what paint will look like until it’s on the wall. That’s just how paint works.  But this… that’s just too extreme a difference.

Other than that. I’m enjoying the game. I usually play video games with an XBox controller, but this game doesn’t support that, so I’m learning to play with a keyboard and mouse. I figure if I’m gonna play any game with a keyboard and mouse, it might as well be a game with no enemies and where time is not an issue.  I can take all of the time in the world to paint walls and figure out the controls. ^_^ And believe me, dear reader, it’s going to take some time to figure out the controls. I learned just last night that I can crouch and jump in this game, and I’ve been playing for over 30 hours! >_< But like I said, it’s relaxing. I’m enjoying it. I’ll probably play the hell out of it for the next week or so, then get over it. Of course, I said the same thing about Skyrim, and that was… three(?) years ago. Ah well, who cares? I’m having fun. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Virtual busy-ness

  1. Melanie B Cee

    To have fun is the POINT, so you enjoy yourself!! And can you apply Photoshop to the finished product to get the shade closer to what you’ve chosen? That color IS purple. No pink in there that I can spy.


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