Cee’s B&W Photo Thingie.

This week’s theme is people at work, and that got me thinking about a photo I’ve edited before, but wanted to try again. This is (of course) a screenshot from one of my Skyrim games. I can’t remember what I did to it before but I remember I was trying to do something with the lights.  I did something with the lights again today but differently because I remember not being happy with the way the lighting turned out last time. I like this photo. I also tried adding rain last time but it didn’t look like I’d added rain. I think I did a better job of it this time. ^_^

Anyway, here is the original and the black and white.



I left the blacksmith in color because he kind of got lost in the monochrome and the rain.  I also cropped it a bit because it just looked better cropped to me.

The other picture that came to mind is from another Skyrim playthrough where my character was a stealthy type (and not an archer — see, no bow) and I found myself in a field of grass one day and thought it looked pretty awesome how tall the grass was.   In the original, the little eye in the middle of the screen means that she’s still hidden but someone is aware she’s there and is looking for her. Just so’s you know. She’s “working” here because she’s casing out a bandit fort — there’s a bounty, and she wants it.

in the grass original

The bars on the screen are from the ENB I was using at the time. It makes for great game play (in my opinion) but it doesn’t make for good screenshots. Because its makes cropping icky.

in the grass

I left the yellow hood because I thought it made and interesting contrast to how making this monochrome darkened her face.

And that’s it. Hope you enjoyed them. I really do love playing Skyrim because it’s such a beautiful game. I’m enjoying playing House Flipper too, and while it’s fun, it doesn’t lend itself to beautiful screenshots.  Here’s the second time I redid my “first office”  I made it into an actual office.

{"DRSAppName" : "", "DRSProfileName" : "Desktop"}

I could turn that into black and white (that’s kind of fitting with the theme… not really people working, but it is an office).  I didn’t really do much to this one but run a black and white filter over it. ^_^

{"DRSAppName" : "", "DRSProfileName" : "Desktop"}




Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge


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