A small whine about white

As some of y’all know, I’ve been playing a game called House Flipper, because it’s very relaxing, and kind of fun, but there are a few things, dear reader, that just crawl under my skin and make me itch.  One of those thing is that the white paint in this game isn’t white. It’s grey, or silver, or something. But it’s not white. Sometimes. Sometimes, it’s all kinds of white. Allow me to demonstrate:


See the walls in that room (and the rest of the house)? I just painted them with a paint labeled “white” You tell me, dear reader, does that look white to you?  I know it’s not my monitor because look how white the floors are!  The floor tiles are also labeled “white” so I know that the people who developed the game have an understanding of what “white” means. so why aren’t my walls white? I know it’s not the lighting because the walls and the floor are receiving the same lighting. And if it were the lighting then only some walls would appear grey, not all of them.

But, herein lies the problem… The walls do not always appear this grey color, sometimes they are… you know… white. Like so.


Same paint. Same time of day, but these walls are not grey. You can see because they match the white window sills (which they usually do not. Normally, they would match the grey sink. All I’m asking for in my game is a little consistency. You know? And it’s not just when I paint the walls either check this picture out:


The bottom of these walls have been plastered because the house was flooded. See the grey above it? that’s the “white” of the walls from the game, before I painted them. And this picture brings up another eye twitching issue I have with this game. See the tile on the wall there? I like that tile. I wanted to retile the wall in that tile. But I can’t, because it’s not available to the player to buy and use. I’m not sure why because it’s obviously there in the game as a resource, but there you go. Same with the sink. I like that sink, but I can’t buy it. It’s not available as a purchasable object. I’ve counted about six or seven sinks used in this game, and we have access to three. There are about five different showers and we have access to one. Four bathtubs and we have access to two (and they’re both boring). So annoying.

Still, it’s a fun game and it didn’t cost a lot. If they ever allow modding though, one of the first things I would do is dig into the assets and make available everything that’s in the game, because decorating with the same stuff gets old after a while. And I really wish I could figure out why my paint isn’t white.

Just a small rant. Nothing earth shaking or provocative. But hey, not everything has to be, right? And, simply to show off, here’s a picture of my third makeover of the office they give us to start out in. Yes, I painted the walls black. I was feeling froggy.


2 thoughts on “A small whine about white

  1. Melanie B Cee

    I’m no expert, certainly not with games, but I wonder if that ‘gray’ for white thing is something to do with the 3D effect. In school (all those many eons ago) we did a very brief class on 3D. It was in it’s infancy then, and the school people didn’t consider it worthwhile to teach a whole course in 3D. Nor in web design (damned but they were pretty short sighted). BUT what can one expect for a dubious ‘trade’ school/college where the main attraction was its low cost? And it was a long time ago. I remember though that one of the flaws in 3D is the inability to manipulate color properly. Which is why some films or games now have those horrible looking ‘people’ – I say night of the living non-humans when I see such and you’ve reminded me of a small whine that I have too. Must bustle off and put it to post before I forget it again. Tell me, do you prefer Camembert or Brie with your whine? 😉


    1. Willow Post author

      Cheddar with my whine. 🙂 And I’d buy the whole 3D thing if other objects didn’t appear white as well. And, in my second picture, the walls were white. I dunno, it might be. Maybe.


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