Five useless things about me

A couple of days ago, Melanie wrote her Five Useless Things, and she got the idea from Jim from “Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall” — a blogger I don’t know and don’t follow, but here’s his Five Useless things. 🙂  Spreading the word y’all… exposure is how this works.

So anyway, I told Melanie that I’d do this too, but I was totally too tired yesterday to do much of anything, but I’m here today and I’m gonna give it the good ol’ college try. 🙂

Here we go.

Number One:  I’m an identical twin. This is something that most people don’t know about me until I tell them because my twin and I don’t live near each other. If we did, people might know.  Being an identical twin is something of an oddity, but it’s not very useful.  Fraternal twins (and triplets) are more common nowadays because of the prevalence of fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization, but identical twins are still rare. The most asked question I get about being an identical twin is, “What’s it like being a twin?” And my answer is always, “I don’t know, I’ve never not been a twin.”  In other words I have no basis for comparison.  It’s like asking someone, “What’s it like, being an only child?” Though I’m sure people who grew up without siblings get asked that all of the time… I just asked Doug (who was an only child in his mom’s house) and he did get asked that a lot. So yeah…  Anyway, there’s nothing useful about being an identical twin, unless some scientist somewhere wants to study me and my twin for something… but so far, that’s not happened. I’m pretty sure it won’t.

typing machine

I learned on a typewriter like this

Number Two:  I can touch type. I learned how to do this when I was in junior high school. It’s pretty much a useless skill because I never practiced enough to get above 50 wpm (words per minute). To get the good paying jobs that require typing, one needs to be able to type at least 60 wpm with no errors.  And to get the really good paying jobs, one needs to be able to type 60 wpm with special characters and numbers. I can type letters and numbers if I concentrate, but not special characters (those would be the characters above the numbers and to the side of the letters). If I have to type numbers and special characters, my wpm goes down to about 30. Ain’t no one paying me for that low score. hahaha! But it does make typing these blogs a little easier than if I were hunting and pecking. Or as my first husband used to call it: search and destroy typing. 🙂

Number 3: I like to play video games. If I had a better voice, and/or knew anything about editing videos, I could maybe post my video playing ways on Youtube and maybe make a bit of money, but… yeah.  One needs to be disciplined to make money when posting to YouTube.  Like post videos every day or every other day — audiences are demanding about these things. It’s like a job or something. ^_^ To compound this useless thing… I love to modify my games (Skyrim, Fallout 4, &c…) and I spend more time modifying them than I do playing them. Like weeks and weeks adding mods to a game only to find out that the mods don’t play well together, and then I have to start over again.

Museum of Freedom

I’m playing Fallout 4 right now… 

Number 4: I like crafting but never know what to do with the finished product.  It’s the second part of that statement that’s useless. Crafting in and of itself is not a useless skill, but having piles of finished projects and no ambition to sell them is. I don’t like selling things. I’d rather give something away to complete strangers on the street than sell them. I’d rather throw something in the trash than try to sell it. I’d rather rip something to shreds with a pair of dull scissors than try to sell it. In other words I really hate the idea of selling anything — especially anything I’ve made. Really hate it. But crafting? I like to do that. I sew, crochet, knit, cook… I’m a crafty type person. I think that’s why I like Photoshop — there’s nothing tangible afterwards that I need to worry about getting rid of. 🙂 Just a “finished” picture. I will totally delete a picture no matter how much time I spent on it. I’ve spend days and days on a picture and deleted it without a thought. I mean I’ve spent months and months on a blanket or shawl and have given them away without a thought. Same thing.



Poem from 1300’s

Number 5: I know way too much about language, especially English. My Master’s degree was in Literature, but that wasn’t what I really took most of my classes in. I took as many classes as I could get away with in Linguistics and English (grammar, pedagogy, English as a Second Language, History of…, &c…) because, dear reader, I am enamored with language, and English. Not enough to make a career of it, but to dabble in it. What do I do with the knowledge? Not a damned thing. Okay, well, I collect old books — grammars, poetry books, dictionaries, cookbooks, &c. And I mean old books, 1920’s and earlier… But other than that, not much. I just learn because I’m curious and I want to know. And there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.


11 thoughts on “Five useless things about me

  1. purpleslob

    Willow, how cool that you’re a clone! Uh, I mean twin!! I’ve always wanted to be one. The closest I’ve come was my college BFF- we even dressed alike sometimes! Do you and your twin have mental telepathy?
    Crafting is sooo fun!! But yeah, the results…. I’m with you, I HATE selling! But hacking it to death?? NOOO!! I’d rather pile them up in the corners! lol That’s why I was quilting! Meant to be given away! 😉
    The typing is NOT useless! I can do it pretty well, about the same wpm as you, I mean.
    Too abd you can’t make the videos, and make some bucks. How nice would that be??!!
    I love language too. But not enough to buy books from 1300s. My hat’s off to you!


    1. Willow Post author

      Hey Melinda, The book the poem came from is actually from the early 1900’s and I bought it at an estate sale (or the thrift store, I can’t remember). I buy most of my old books that way. They’re pretty cheap, not valuable at all. But they are interesting. That particular book is a “History of literature” that has all kinds of poems and stories from the 1300’s to the early 1900’s and it’s pretty awesome.

      I haven’t actually hacked anything up, but I will! ^_^ I normally give stuff away.

      Your question about being a twin is the second most asked question we get. 🙂 No, no we don’t have a mental connection. Sorry to disappoint. ^_^

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          1. Willow Post author

            It’s a common misconception. 🙂 People think that because we’re identical we should have some kind of connection and be alike in all ways, but we don’t even think alike. We’re really not even close. I know quite a few identical twins that aren’t close, and a few who are! Identical twins are like everyone else the world — individuals and each one of us will be different than the next person, even our twin.

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  2. Melanie B Cee

    The jobs you can get, if you type above 60 wpm (one job I had wanted 120 wpm, but they gave a pass on the errors)..don’t pay well either, so there’s that, if it’s of any comfort. You COULD have been an editor. That was one of my many ‘hats’ when I was employable. Like you, I love our language (American English) and how much it morphs. I think that’s one of the things we share…. aside from the whole “I’d rather rip my eyes out than try to sell something” bit. I had a job for roughly 2 hours once cold calling to sell burial plots. Yeah. I found out, in very short order, why they paid so much money…they could NOT keep staff. After about the 100th hang up (or slam up) in my ear (these were pre-cell phone days and one could slam up the receiver…a very satisfying activity as I found out later); and the 50th or so remark about ‘weirdos who sell burial plots”…I was done. Stick in the fork! 😉 Great answers as usual Ms. Willow and I’m grateful that you found the energy to do them. 🙂

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