Body talk…

My stupid body had this conversation at least three times last night:

Throat: Hey! Wake up!

Brain: Wha…?

Throat: I really hurt.

Brain: Shut up throat, I’m trying to sleep.

Throat: But I really really hurt!

Brain: grrrr…

Stupid throat. Sleep heals. Waking me up to tell me it hurts helps no one. Now not only does my throat still hurt, but I’m even more tired than I was yesterday.

Blah. Worry not, dear reader, it’s just a cold. I haven’t had one in quite a while. I’m due.

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5 thoughts on “Body talk…

  1. Melanie B Cee

    You’ll see that meme popping up on the Face Place today possibly. I just find it so funny. And loads of people are catching colds or early flu ’round America (including me..although so far it’s been quashed – I drink enough in a day to float a boat ((of orange juice, cranberry juice, water, tea and of course cola)..and I think I drowned the little bugger for the time being. Hope so. Take care! As you said, very wisely, sleep HEALS. Tell your throat you’re going to pour something vile down it if it don’t shut up already. 😉 Like castor oil??

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